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Is it easiest for you to squat flat-footed; on the balls of your feet, or on your heels?

Asked by Brian1946 (28005points) April 5th, 2017

My question is prompted by this one.

How comfortable are you squatting while your feet are flat on the ground compared to while you’re on the balls of your feet, and when you’re on your heels?

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I’m more comfortable while I’m squatting on my giant testicles.

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I can’t squat.

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I can no longer squat without falling over. But…when I was able to, it was on the balls of my feet.

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I can only do it on the balls of my feet. Any other way and I fall down.

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Not sure what you mean by flat-footed.

I have high arches so my my feet can’t go completely flat. But I’m more comfortable (stable) squatting with as much of my feet as possible on the floor.

I have no problem squatting on the balls of my feet.

Never tied squatting on my heals. That would take some practice.

FYI: I’m 86% German, 10% American Indian and 4% Asian

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I can’t do it on my heels. but I can easily balance on the balls of my feet or flat footed.

I was just outside working on a sensor low to the ground and, thanks to this question, I noticed I was on the balls of my feet.

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Balls of my feet. But I don’t think it’s good form.

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