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Is it appropriate for our "President" to be hanging out with athletes while full scale war breaks out in Georgia?

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I’m just hoping your geography is not as bad as the presidents. ;)

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What would you have him do? Attack Moscow?

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well he could offer troops to the UN peace keeping efforts. (If the UN are still talking to him).

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Well, my geography is horrible. But, I do think it’s convenient that this is taking place while he is essentially on vacation. And, I realize he could pack up and be back in country whenever he’d like, but it does seem like the situation is being taken advantage of. Of course, I will admit I’m pretty jaded and borderline conspiracy theory freak. Is the Republic of Georgia controlled by Russia and Putin?

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Allen, You know that this Georgia is NOT in USA….right? So yes, he can sit in China and support the athletes.

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Right, PnL. Allen, that article refers to the country of Georgia.

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C’mon, I know my geography, when taking about Bush, a little irony should be allowed.

Don’t major oil pipelines run through Georgia? (The Republic in question) Is Georgia a Nato Member? Is not Georgia close enough to Iran to precipitate an international incident?

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Georgia is not a nato member actually, Which many believe is why Russia is on the attack, because they would like to destabalize that country enough so that Nato does not accept georgia as a member.
I think what is most innapropriate is bush is still hanging out with Putin at the olympics while russia is bombing the shit out of georgia. But lets face it, what are we gonna do about it? I think that is Russias point to the world. Here, this is a pretty interesting article that gives a good perspective of things.

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Our REAL President is Dick Cheney—so it really doesn’t much matter where his ventriloquist’s puppet is!

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It should be noted that NATO has promised Georgia future membership.

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Epic fail, yeah Atlanta great geography lesson here…

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@marshallo——good answer

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Could be a new policy of isolationism. GWB is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t at the moment anyway, so it matters not a whit what he does or where he goes in public opinion.

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Huh. You know it was kind of inappropriate for him to have been following through on a pre-publicized event to read to schoolchildren on the morning of 9/11. But that was just him being dumb, maybe, and not knowing how to respond.

And then Bush being in Beijing for the opening ceremonies, while one of our allied democracies launches a hopeless military action on the same night! Wow. Coincidence! I wonder if they filmed Bush’s conversation with Putin for an episode of “Punk’d.” “Awww. Mr. Putin can’t stay at the Olympics and has to fly home. Now take a pitchure of me with Michael Phelps. That boy can swim!”

Maybe the Georgian conflict was designed to keep Russia from interfering with America’s imminent attack on Iran.

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