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Okay it is real now, what do you think of Trump firing 50 or 60 missiles in Syria?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (25466points) April 6th, 2017

The news is saying Trump has launched a strike at Syria of 5 dozen missiles because of the gas attacks.
“Shit is real now ! !”

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Promise kept. He said he would never speak of military actions in advance.
I think he made the right move. It was an action which called for an ass-kick.
He’s a dog that bites with no warning bark. Bam! Don’t frick with that.

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Too little too late. I don’t know how I feel. Its in Putin’s Assad and Trumps corner now I feel relived. Like finally some action. America is good at war. Bad at occupation. I wonder how much until the land invasion, with boots on the ground? Maybe the USA can get reimbursement from the U.N. seeing that the debt ceiling needs to be raised again?

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As soon as I saw the special report flash on, I said, “some jelly is typing fast, right now.”

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Oh man….
Tomahawks cost $1.6 million each x 50 missiles….. There goes $80 million from some school lunch program.
(Is Trump tweeting youtube videos of the kill? I expect it to be on Fox news any minute.)

And an additional $500 million more will be needed immediately for anti-terrorism actions.

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Hey, LG, a cut needs a bandage, a tumor needs surgery, high blood pressure needs medication. Every ill has its cost.

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^Diplomacy is far cheaper, and usually gets results, without killing civilians.

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We’ll soon see the effects. I hope we blew up the bad guys.

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Sweet, more newly-minted terrorists.

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I think he’s gone off half-cock without considering possible outcomes from this action. What was he hoping this would achieve? Did he discuss this action with any other nations before agreeing to take military action? I heard on the news he’s now calling for support from other nations, but I wouldn’t be happy with my country joining the US under Trump in any military action. I don’t think he’s sane.

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We have to hope we didn’t kill any Russian troops, or civilians. Sounds like it was a big strike.

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So are we officially at war now? Canada Is a part of NORAD and lock step with America.

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I’m not sure how you can call firing missiles at another country anything but a declaration of war.

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@RedDeerGuy1 CNN says “there were Russians at the base”. Don’t know how trustworthy that is just yet, though.

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I would have preferred 50 “Bunker Busters” on Assad’s head. But it’s a UN affair.

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@Tropical_Willie If you think this shit is real, wait until we deal with North Korea!

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Why do we pretend that we haven’t been bombing Syria for a while now? The media literally shapes our reality…

According to defense,gov,
As of March 28, 2017, the U.S. and coalition have conducted a total of 19,300 strikes (11,460 Iraq / 7,840 Syria).
The U.S. has conducted 15,258 strikes in Iraq and Syria (7,789 Iraq / 7,469 Syria).
The rest of the coalition has conducted 4,042 strikes in Iraq and Syria (3,671 Iraq / 371 Syria)

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I think the whole Russian meddling in our election was a propaganda build up to build public opinion to accept a war with Russia.
Now that we are officially bombing Syria, and Russians may have been on the base, Russia is going to react, and the idea of US/Russia war is now accepted.
See Noam Chomsky film, “Manufacturing Consent.”

People will probably be happy that Trump may be at war with Russia because they will feel he wasn’t in cohoots with them.

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One thing is certain… The Defense stocks in the Trump family portfolio are going up tomorrow.

I hope the SEC investigates any large leveraged moves.

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That and oil….

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Oil prices have already gone up.

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Gawd, it’s all so scary.

Sinking feeling.

My opinion is I think his SIL helped Trump decide to do this. I have no idea what the media is saying regarding who might have influenced the decision.

I don’t have a stomach for this sort of thing. I’d rather have helped 20 million Syrians get out of the country.

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Same old same old. Fighting madness with madness.

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Well, since his reason is almost certainly wrong , I think this is what you get when you have an evil orange clown as “commander in chief”.

It’s ridiculous and horrible. And the US corporate media is is full supportive idiot mode, too, judging from the reports I listened too. I can’t believe how much like a GI Joe cartoon narrator the ape-tard voice is at the beginning of this ABC special report when it says “STRRRRIIKE on Syria” at the beginning. And zero questioning about this.

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Take a look on youtube at the post called sarin gas attack posted by Dr. Shajul Islam.
He begs for any government to please make the attacks stop. He offers the clothes they took off the victims to be tested by anybody who would want to test them.

There are eyewitness accounts, pictures and video of the aircraft that delivered the gas. It is known who did it, and what they dropped.
That poor doctor. He sounds so hopeless.

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Putin is pissed.

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Well, now that you have launched an unprovoked sneak attack on Syrian military bases, It is pretty clear that Japan did nothing wrong.

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Also, congratulations on your third War Criminal president in a row.

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On a serious not though: do you think Assad will use arabic translations of “Fatman” and “Little Boy” for the nukes he will now use to vaporise colonial metropolitan areas in a totally justified retaliation? :D

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^Just to clarify, which current civilization/society/country is not colonial?

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@Patty_Melt Promise kept. He said he would never speak of military actions in advance.

Nu-huh I guess he just broke another promise.

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We did not declare war on Syria. What we did was to knock out an air transport area that was used for delivering chemical weapons. Use of chemical weapons is against international law and Syria agreed to stop using them. I don’t like war and I usually disagree with anything Trump does, but this was a limited use of weapons for humanitarian purposes and seems to me completely appropriate.

I found the Russian response a bit odd. They said it was an act of aggression, to which I would answer that it indeed was an act of aggression aimed at stopping a human rights violation by Syria. If they do it again they can expect more of the same.

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The Russian’s response I think was because they lost some of their “Advisors” when the missiles hit the military targets.

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@rojo, that was not an open statement to the media, it was a direct communication to Russia. That communication has not been made public, but my guess is he let Putin know that he was about to get a boot up his arse.

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@loli, President Trump is not a war criminal. Kiss my big, fat sitting unit.

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The Pearl Harbor attack was ruled to be a war crime during the Tokyo Trials for being an act of war without prior declaration of war, and this strikes on Syrian Military Airfields falls under the same category: an act of war without a prior declaration of war.
So yeah, War Crime.
And Donald Drumpf: War Criminal.

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I am one of the most pacific people in the world but I have to remember World War 2 when millions were gassed while the world stood by. I would have to know much more than I do about this attack before blanketly condemning it. It seems to me that Obama got them to agree they wouldn’t use chemical weapons and now they have – on their own citizens. I hate that Trump is at the wheel but thank god, that at least Steve Bannon is out at the NSC and the Joint Chiefs are back in.

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@Patty_Melt He didn’t tell the media. Well, duh, he doesn’t like to tell the American people anything of substance. He likes to operate in the dark. No, what he did was tell the Russians, who told the Syrians they were going to be attacked.
So, what is worse, telling your enemy you are going to attack them or telling the people you are ostensibly protecting that you are going to attack someone you consider an enemy?

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What if the Syrian government was not lying and did not launch a chemical strike?

What if they are telling the truth about it and they did hit a rebel target that held chemicals? I am not even saying chemical weapons, just chemicals used in producing weapons.

How will Trump justify the attack if this is shown to be the truth in the near future?

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Is anyone here preparing for cyber-attacks and oil disruptions?
I’m backing up my files, will top off my heating oil tanks and will make sure all the cars are filled.
If nothing happens… Great.
But I’m getting ready.

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I always make sure to keep my porn on a separate external hard drive anyway. Other than that I have nothing important on my computer.

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Syrians knew and moved everything important So what we did, basically was blow up a bunch of sand and shit, rattle our sabres and make ourselves (at least 34% of us) feel better for a mere $100 million. Do you know how many trips to Mar-a-Lago that would pay for?

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@Darth_Algar Yep. Ya’ gotta’ protect the impotent important stuff. ;-)

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Getting into it with Russia is where my concern is.

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^ Maybe some of his buddies talked it over with Vlad beforehand?

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^ Probably. That would give both of them time to buy options in Defense stocks so they (or their friends) could advantage of the inevitable pop.

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Yet another person who thinks Trumps actions may have ulterior motives, this one eloquently expressed by Shaun King

We all knew this moment would come.

Donald Trump, a serial, pathological liar, faced with an international crisis, would need to communicate a message to the world about that crisis and we would have to choose rather or not to believe him.

Thursday night, without the very congressional approval that Trump once said Obama needed to strike Syria, he ordered airstrikes on a Syrian airfield, reportedly in retaliation for recent chemical attacks against citizens in the country. Trump said it was when he saw the images of children dying and suffering from the attacks on television that he decided he must act.

I don’t believe him. Not even a little bit.

I don’t believe he cares about kids in Syria. He never has. Thousands of children have died in Syria over the past few years and Trump has never, not once, expressed compassion toward them.

More than that, though, Donald Trump’s most signature executive order, to ban Muslims and refugees from entering this country, particularly those from Syria, is much more representative of how he truly feels about Syrian children.

In his presidential campaign, when Trump announced that he wanted to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, the national outcry highlighted how inhumane it would be to ban Syrian refugees, particularly women and children, as they fled for their lives. Trump was not moved.

After he was elected President, Trump never relented, and signed a foolish executive order banning Syrian refugees again. When it was repeatedly defeated in court, Trump continue to defend the order. When it became clear that his first executive order simply had no constitutional ground to stand on, he issued another one, which still targeted Syrian refugees. And again, the courts have continued to strike down the order.

Donald Trump does not give a damn about Syrian women or children or refugees. He has made that abundantly clear.

The notion that he can simultaneously bomb a nation because he cares about their kids, while banning those very kids from entering our nation, is preposterous. It’s a con job. It’s unethical and gross. The two practices cannot simultaneously exist. They are mutually exclusive.

Politifact, the non-partisan, Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking organization, has determined that Donald Trump is the most dishonest politician they’ve ever evaluated. Of the unique statements he has made, 70% have been deemed to be some sort of lie. Of the 30% remaining, most of those statements were deemed to be at least partially dishonest as well — leaving only 4% of what Trump has said to be completely true.

That means the man tells some sort of falsehood 96% of the time. Only a fool would believe the words that come out of his mouth. He is the most dishonest President in American history. He may be the most dishonest person in this country. If anyone else lied 96% of the time that words came out of their mouth, we would sincerely assume they had mental health challenges. If he makes 100 statements, 96 of them are at least somewhat dishonest. That is not normal. He is not normal.

So, when he says these airstrikes were motivated by his compassion for Syrian children, I don’t think that statement falls in his tiny 4% window of truth. I just don’t. The man lies about the weather. No literally, he said God wouldn’t let it rain at his inauguration. It rained at his inauguration.

I could speculate on what Trump’s real motivations were for ordering the airstrikes in Syria.

Maybe he did it in the hope that it would reverse his tanking approval ratings. Maybe he did it, on the same day that his buddy Devin Nunes stepped aside from the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump and Russia, to take the focus and heat off of so much bad news. Maybe he did it in a deal with Russia, a staunch supporter of Assad, to make the world think that Trump and Russia aren’t in cahoots.

I don’t know. I just know that when Trump says 2+2 = 4, I evaluate it myself before believing it.

What is Trump’s actual strategy in Syria? Why did he not seek congressional approval?

I ask these questions as someone who actually cares about the kids in Syria. I have advocated for them for years. I have donated to charities that care for them. I have fought for them to be given greater access to our country. I want to see them defended and protected.

I just don’t trust Trump. I never have. I never will.

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Scott Adams blog Did Assad try to commit Suicide-by-Trump or was the media just conveniently there is this small, insignificant town at just the right moment, almost as if it were a set-up to help out the PLOTUS in his hour of need?

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I’m OK with it. I would prefer the UN had investigated to find out exactly what happened and who was responsible for the decision to use sarin but that may be impractical in a war zone. There are questions I would like answered such as did the Russians know in advance of the attack and what was the purpose in carrying it out. It had no military significance so what did the perpetrators hope to gain? As it was I think the American response was well judged and it appears to have the backing of the international community.

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The point of the attack was not to kill people, @flutherother, though that is always a known possibility. The purpose was to damage the source of the attack sufficiently to show it will no longer be tolerated, and to slow or stop any further uses of banned chemical attacks.

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@Patty_Melt I meant the sarin attack seemed to have no purpose though it was designed to kill people and innocent people at that.

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Oh, I gitcha.

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I just read that today, North Korea spoke out against the US aggression, calling it “unforgiveable” or something like that. It worries me.

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Best Korea speaks out against US aggression like every five minutes. Nothing new there.

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Time to build that bomb shelter. Trump is going to kill us all, one way or another.

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~ I’m going to build a wall.

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Wow! Hatred for Donald Trump is strong on this website.

Yes, I know Trump lies about things such as how his inauguration had more in attendance than Barrack Obama—clearly untrue and rather reckless with irrelevant facts. But what about a news media which presents pictures of 8:00 a.m. in the morning and represents them as attendance at the 11:30 swearing-in ceremony?

Trump never initiated an executive order banning Muslims from the U.S. Some of us are particularly ill of that one. The nine nations banned for ninety days until better vetting can be acquired were nations where we were regularly getting apprehended terrorists from.

To claim that someone is a pathological liar and that over 94% of what he says is a lie—well, that one is quite hard to swallow. How many times has Susan Rice lied or changed her story about unmasking of names and leaking classified information regarding the Trump transition team? At least three that I’ve seen excerpts of.

Didn’t Obama and Susan Rice both lie when they said Obama’s tough talk and negotiations with Assad convince him to give up those chemical weapons?

The Mideast became extremely unstable the past eight years and the terror is subsuming much of Northern and Western Europe. In times like these, I don’t think anyone really disagrees with bombing an airfield where terror and chemical attacks originate from. But, hatred of Trump must prevail.

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You think the Middle East was just destabilized during Obama’s term? You haven’t been paying attention then.

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I agree with @Darth_Algar. America has made mistakes in the Middle East for many many many years, and even without America interfering there has been genicidal dictators, religious sects that hate each other within one country and across border, and the Palestinians and Israelis have fought. The Middle East has been a hot mess since I can remember, and I’m 49, and it didn’t start when I was born.

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I heard that the airfield is operational again, already. I heard it while working, on a TV news station. But I didn’t see the screen, so I don’t know the source.

If that is true, then the US broke international law, broke it’s own laws, wasted millions in tomahawk missiles, pissed off Russia, and killed 7 people for what amounts to nothing…

@Yellowdog. Go back and see what your boy Trump opined about bombing Syria, when Obama went to Congress to get approval. Hell, take a look a what the Republican congress did. They were ALL vehemently opposed to it…

This also creates a dangerous precedent. Having seen no follow up action, the bombing looks more like a retaliatory strike, than a strategic military campaign. (Knee jerk reaction, with no thought, from Trump?~)
So what now? Every time Trump sees a video of suffering children, he bombs someone who may be responsible, without congress, or the world’s support? This is starting to look like a larger version of Trump’s moronic, childish, twitter responses.

I hope that our pathetic congress, and /or the world holds Trump responsible for this illegal, and dangerous act. Otherwise, we’ll have two bullies (Trump, and Putin,) doing whatever they want to, and being unchecked, because the world fears the two militaries…

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I can not get over the hateful rage so many are displaying toward the refugees now, in the face of this, even against the children. Claiming they never wanted to get out in the first place. It’s not our problem. Even the children are not exempt. And most of those horrible people claim to be Christians. It turns my stomach.

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@MrGrimm888 I think you hit it, Trump use cruise missiles instead of tweeting.

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With the Trump Administration prepping for another “win” and distraction by re-bombing the sand in Syria, I thought it would be good to revisit this topic. I certainly hope they do a better job of faking the upcoming fiasco. Ex-Weapons Inspector: Trump’s Sarin Claims Built on ‘Lie’. BTW this article was in The American Conservative

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So, there was never a sarin gas attack in Syria?

God Damn—EVERYTHING is fake news! EVv very —t h i n g ! Oh Nooooooooooo !

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Well, yeah. If Trump said it it’s probably a lie. And this is what he said: “On the night of June 26, the White House Press Secretary released a statement, via Twitter, that, “the United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.” The tweet went on to declare that, “the activities are similar to preparations the regime made before its April 4 chemical weapons attack,” before warning that if “Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.”

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That settles it, then. There was never a Seran gas attack in Syria nor subsequent threats from Russia, and none now,

Trump lied about this so that we’d think he wasn’t in collusion with the Russians.

The national media supported him in perpetuating this lie. Scary times we live in.

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You did not even bother to read the article did you @Yellowdog? Had you done so you would know the answer to your question.

PS Trump did not lie so that we’d think he wasn’t in collusion with the Russians. He lied because he did not like his poll numbers and knew that faking a reason to appear to attack Syria would bolster them and that that would, hopefully, bring those on the perimeter back over to his side. He also knew that he could conflate any anti-war sentiment with anti-Americanism and thus harangue his detractors for weeks to come.

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You are right, Rojo—I did not read the article. I am giving you a “Great Answer” for posting it.

I am sorry for being so reactionary. The summer gets to me, and I’m tired of all the rage from losing an election. And the fact that these were conservatives also annoys me. The conservatives do not like Trump, either—and yet he has given them the most conservative supreme court possible,

How about some positive news for once—how the MJ-13 gangs have been eliminated from the States, or how the elimination of ISIS is coming along?

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I’ve heard this from the right SO often. “Rage from losing the election. ” It has NOTHING to do with winning, or losing…
It has everything to do with Trump…

Even when GW was elected for the second time, you never saw people so upset…

ISIS will never be “eliminated.” Interestingly, the gang (I think you meant the Mexican mafia) is thriving. It’s roots are as strong as any. Many Latino gangs branch from it, and pay tribute by adding a “13,” to their respective name, or having ink to pay homage to them. I still see the ink, even here in the US southeast.

You cannot eliminate an idea, or thought process. Unfortunately, Trump’s policies (Muslim ban, immigration cracking down, border wall) will ultimately strengthen groups like ISIS, and gangs from central, and south America. Trump, and most of his supporters, are woefully uninformed, and ignorant of how reality works.

I am pleased that Trump realized the importance of bringing back “merry Christmas, ” in July though…. Sometimes I think I have heard it all from the reality detached right. Sometimes, especially with Trump, they surprise me…

Keep eating Trump’s shit sandwiches. “They’re great. They’re amazing. You’re going to love them. They taste terrific.”

At first, I was frustrated and angry with Trump supporters. Now I just pity them, and the future of the country. The poor fools don’t realize that they are digging their own graves, and killing their children, and fellow countrymen.

I look forward to seeing how they will find ways to blame immigrants, minorities, the poor, Democrats, liberals, religions other than christian, women etc for the way things are turning out as a direct result of Trump. Enjoy those shit sandwiches sheep…. Please. Don’t dare pull your heads from your asses Trump supporters. I want to watch you suffer the seeds you’ve all planted…

Sorry. The summer is getting to me too….

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