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What was the most shocking moment for you?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) April 7th, 2017

Don’t consider recent election results. How did it affect your life in the long run?

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My being swarmed by 17 nurses on a code white in 2012 (I shrugged my shoulders and refused to take my pills) and rushed into a side room in a mental hospital. Shocked the hell out of me. I thought that because I was big and tall that I couldn’t be taken down so easily. I am disillusioned. Yes I got a needle In my back end and locked in the side room for 16 hours.

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This moment, sitting in my back yard sipping coffee after completing some yardwork. Sudden realization that I’m happy and content, that I would not change a thing about my life. That everything I have worked for has paid off. Just how the F did that happen. I never thought that it would.

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Failing the entrance exam three years ago was quite a wham episode for me.

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Winning first prize in a competition I did not enter.

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Sorry, I’ve lived to long to measure in superlatives. My first big shock in life was losing my big brother when I was twenty. The second came a month later when I lost the one just younger than me.

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Buying a mobile home, spending 2 years renovating it so I could move it to the family farm and be around to help my mom and dad because my dad was very sick.
I imagined seeing my dad regularly, working on the property with him when I’m not at work and sitting around a campfire eating and just enjoying time with my family.
The day I moved there my dad died.
Then a few years later I found out my wife was cheating.
Everything’s a shock lately, but at least I have my son and we still enjoy the old family farm.
I can still take care of my mom and life goes on I guess?

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Watching the terror attack on 9/11. Shook me to my core.

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Being raped by someone I know.

It ruined my trust in friends and men. I feel worthless. I feel like I’m just a body to be used.

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trivial in the big world
important in my world


When our Egyptian folklore dance troupe came in 3rd in a Canadian belly dance competition.

We were the top ranked Egyptian folklore troupe that year. Quite a shock.

We entered to challenge ourselves, not to compete. We seemed really out of place. The other troupes had been performing together for years. One of the troupes performed a piece they’d been performing for years. The competition was the first time our whole troupe had been on stage together in our costumes, performing that piece. Our troupe had formed about a year earlier. Everyone else was in pretty pastel, sparkly two piece costumes. We were in black full length dresses with black head coverings. The other dancers were pretty much young/pretty/trim. We were a very mixed age/size/look group.

We danced the hell out of our piece and flung our tahtib (dancing canes) around and smiled.

When we were announced as first runners-up, the whole place went silent and then went nuts.

Our studio thought so little of our chances they hadn’t sent our coach or chaperone or a photographer to the event.

It gave all of us a lot of confidence in our individual skills and bonded us as a group. Several of the women went on to teach dance. My focus was on developing my skills and I moved to a more technique-oriented studio a couple of years later. We’ve all (but one) gone on to choreograph our own work.

All of that is crazy to me. A dance trophy at 50+. Performing my own solo choreography? Performing to live music with Juno-winning musicians? Swimming a mile of back stroke(it ties in)?

(wow – I didn’t expect to type that much)

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I peed on a stick, and the line turned blue.
After a tubal pregnany, and scarring from a cyst, the surgeon told me I had a better chance of winning the lottery than ever having a baby.
I was so stunned, I nearly fell onto the toilet. I made it to my sofa, and watched the room spin for about half an hour.

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Well being shot in the head working graveyard shift on 2003 and waking up in 1999 is up there. Being locked out of my dorm room for 14 day’s during the summer is bad. My friend sending me a letter saying that all of my emails will be deleted unread is up there.

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When my panic disorder that I had as a child came back in my mid 20s. A panic attack came on out of the blue when I was at work. (It had been laying dormant for about ten years)

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I saw a HUGE garden spider when I was 4 and I freaked out. I found a severed human arm when I was 5.

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@RedDeerGuy1 shot in 1999 and woke up in 2003? Care to elaborate on that? Sounds horrific.

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@All For those that have answered so far, the last question in the OP’s details could be beneficial and definitely interesting. How did it affect your life in the long run?. I would like to know as well.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me In winter of 2003 I was working full time in a graveyard shift alone in Jasper National Park in the downtown convince store. A pimp and his worker walked into the store around 4pm. I told him that guns are not alowed in the national park of Jasper. He pulled a gun out and he shot me in the corner of my left eye. It stung. Also it felt wonderful and orgasmic. Within 5 minutes I woke up in August 25 , 2000 . In the summer break in university. I go locked out of my dorm room for 14 and I really felt at rock bottom. The life changed for when I told my psychiatric doctor and got medication and permanent disability funding.

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You went back in time?

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@RedDeerGuy1 I don’t understand. You got shot in the corner of your eye and it just stung? Was it a Nerf Gun? Would that not have damaged your eye/face/head?

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@anniereborn It could have been blanks (salt pellets ) the gun looked real. It stung and was NSFW orgasmic. When I traveled through time I went back as the young me and not as the older me. My spirit went back into my younger self. I only get flickers of my future and past. I can’t just buy a winning lot ticket, I get a warning sense some times and get a flashback of my past and present and future.

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I’m sorry, but honestly, none of that story is making any sense.

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@Darth_Algar Sorry, I don’t know how to clarify. I can’t afford therapy. If I get a job then I can hire a professional psychologist for $200 an hour. It makes sense If you believe in astral time travel. There is a small chance that I am having visions, but I use the what ever it is to help improve eliminate my day to day mistakes. You could always start me a go fund me page to get help for a Deja vu professional from France. I ordered his book on Amazon.

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You were working in a convenience store in a national park? In the middle of the night (parks usually close around sundown)? You were shot in the eye, but it only stung a little?

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@Darth_Algar Yes. The store is in the city of Jasper. Only two stores are 24 – hours. Yes. It could have been a starter gun for blanks. After was shot I woke up in university at 2000 august 25. Locked out of my dorm room for 14 day in the sun.

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Well if you’re at close enough range to really feel a blank round it’s going to do more damage than just sting.

Honestly not trying to be a dick, or to be snarky or anything, but kinda sounds like you were experiencing a break from reality with that episode.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’ve read fragments of this from you before. And your posts between these revelations convince me that you sincerely have a different perception of the world than most of us. Are you claiming that this perception is the result of trauma from a gunshot wound?

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@stanleybmanly I don’t know. Sorry. Redacted.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Do you have two different timelines of memories for 2000–2003?

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Being emotionally bullied by my high school classmates.

It sounds very trivial but it was a big deal to me at that time, if you think of it through the mind of a 15-year-old who hadn’t started out in life. I had virtually no friend. I could ask for help from no one. Everyone in the class thought of me as an uninvited guest and didn’t hesitate to act that way. I was excluded from every class activity. I was the last to know about any news. I was never explained any intimate inside joke the class made up to bond together. You need a magnifier to see me in class photos.

The reason: I didn’t share the same interest as them. I wasn’t into their pop bands. I didn’t bother to update celebrity news. I didn’t like things like selfies or updating on Facebook. And I didn’t keep up with trends. Because of that they thought of me as an asshole. I know it could be some other issue but a classmate who tried to change me confirmed all that to me.

And I lived with being invisible for 3 years. I developed mild depression and my learning performance suffered. For 3 years I lived like a ghost, walking around without expecting someone to notice me. There were some nasty teachers who looked at my performance and thought I was too lazy to learn, which further worsen my depression. At one point I thought I was born to be isolated and I should accept it. I’m glad I finally got out of high school and my broadened knowledge of the world proved the opposite.

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@Zaku Yes. Every two consecutive weeks I go back to August 25, 2000. Then I live about two more weeks. Then I go back 4 weeks and live 6 weeks. Then go back to August 25, 2000. Then I live 8 weeks, than go back to August 25, 2000. Then repeat until today. I was very sick over the summer of 2000 and got locked out for a period of time and had to wait outside all day and night for what I thought was 14 day’s. That’s when my time travel started. I was sick from the sun and rain outside. I think that I died on that day, and I might be a redacted.

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@all Thanks for trying to help me. I will look for work and pay for a Deja vu specialist. I know one that is in France Molun Chris I hope for the best. I ordered his book on pre-order in September 8 2017 from Amazon.

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Anyway, probably the most shocking moment if my life was the realization of, and coming to terms with, death within my first half decade of life.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Are the events the same on the same dates, and your consciousness just re-passes over them with mixed up memories and experience of time but nothing contradictory happening?

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@Zaku I don’t understand. Sometimes no matter what I change most stuff happens exactly like It was the first time. What I use to explain is that I roll a 20 sided dice and add one to the total every time. Everything in my life is slightly better than before.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Haven’t you been diagnosed with a type of schizophrenia? Perhaps we should try to explain things better for the new folks?

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That the US now chooses military targets based on the president reading Facebook posts rather than based on actual intelligence from actual intelligence agencies.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I wasn’t clear whether the different experiences of the same periods were different in what you could do and what happened. That is, if it’s a memory re-experience (which can be a brain trick) or something in the direction of Groundhog Day where you could get different outcomes. Sounds like it’s more of the latter but with limited changes but a bias for improvement. Really interesting! Thanks for sharing and explaining!

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I’m with @Espiritus_Corvus I’m older now, all the most shocking have pretty much already happened. haha
From death, divorce, getting wiped out in the recession to the giant bone that fell from an 80 foot pine tree and landed at my feet. One of the more funny and mysterious shocking moments.

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In no particular order:

Seeing a billboard of myself over Times Square in 2012 when my career as a print model unexpectedly took off for a while. I grew up in a small town and had been mercilessly bullied by my peers and never considered myself beautiful. It was strange to go from being reviled to revered as some sex goddess for a time. The image was taken by a very famous photographer and portrayed me in lingerie dressed as a french pinup and was widely distributed online and in print.

The death of my mother on Jan 01, 2013. Although I would describe it more as “shocking but not surprising” because she had been battling stage IV lung cancer. However, she was diagnosed very late and only lived a couple of weeks after. I was just 24. Not a kid anymore but naive about life and less prepared to deal with that loss than I thought I’d be.

Being held at gunpoint in my temporary home in Ecuador in July 2013. I never thought I’d see the wrong end of an AK-47, let alone live to tell the tale…

Meeting a wonderful person after a string of toxic relationships in my early-mid-twenties and falling head-over-heels in love with him. Being three years into our beautiful relationship and still being so happy that I cry sometimes. He’s a keeper.

Having a terrible falling-out with my best friend about this time last year. Utterly failing to see eye-to-eye and being unable to reconcile with someone who was like a sister to me for nearly two decades. Feeling sadder about it than I’ve felt about a lot of things and still really conflicted about the whole thing…

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@cazzie Paranoid schizophrenia with mood disorder.

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