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After a ground out, who does the first baseman throw to?

Asked by loupus (146points) July 23rd, 2007

When a batter is thrown out at first on a ground ball, what determines the pattern of the "throw-around" after the play?

For example, it seems 1B will usually throw to SS, who throws to 3B, who throws back to the pitcher. Sometimes skipping the 2B. Does the 1B throw the ball back to the infielder who threw out the runner?

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This is known as going "around the horn," and is often performed whenever an out is made such that no runners are left on base (not just at first base). The order in which the ball is thrown around varies from team to team and from situation to situation, but many infields have developed a standard order.

It keeps the infield alert and their arms warm.

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most of the time the first basemen will throw it to the short stop. Short stop will throw to second, who will throw to third who will flip to the pitcher.

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