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What is a scent or aroma that you find to be under-rated?

Asked by Kardamom (32003points) April 8th, 2017

There are lots of fabulous smells. I think we’ve all talked about some of our favorites. Yesterday, I opened up a new box of graham crackers and took a deep whiff. It smelled so good! I never really thought about graham crackers as being one of the finest smells in the world, but it really is nice. Then I started thinking about other under-rated smells.

The second one I though of is the scent inside of an ice skating rink. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but if you’ve ever been in an ice rink, the scent is very distinct. I skated when I was young, and whenever I smell that scent as an adult, the hair rises on the back of my neck and I am transported to a wonderful time in my childhood.

What scents do you find are under-rated?

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New carpet smell.

The scent from a baby’s head.

That Frito scent from a dog’s paws.

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I love the smell of chickens. When I was little I would sit around with a rooster on my lap. I would pet him while I gazed at clouds, or watched critters play. Every few minutes I would press my nose into the soft, golden feathers on the back of his neck and breathe in deeply a few times. I wanted to never forget that smell.

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The smell of river. It has that specific smell….

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I just thought of another one, based upon @Patty_Melt‘s answer. Cats. They just have a wonderful smell. I love to nuzzle their heads and kiss their bellies.

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The smell of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria culture when I worked in clinical microbiology lab. The smell reminded me of smell of spiderwebs that I was playing with when I was about 4 years old. It is so distinct. Nothing else like it. No one understood me when I tried to tell them about it. But whenever I caught a whiff of spiderwebs-smell I knew instantly that I was working with Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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@Kardamom Guess we haven’t been around the same type of a cat. Every cat I know of stank like hell.

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My cats smell a little like anaerobic bacteria. P-U!

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Honeysuckle is attached to happy memories.

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Baby powder
Baby shampoo
Dial soap

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That sharp, fresh smell of ozone, just before or after summer rain.

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So many flowers. Lily of the Valley reminds me of my grandmother. She used to have Lillies of the Valley in her yard.

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Pine trees on a hot day in the high desert (around Big Bear Lake) in Southern California or Orange blossoms at twilight.

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Hay & freshly cut grass. Divine.

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Cascade hops.

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@ucme, you sure are in a randy mood the last few days : )

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I must only want nice people to answer :)

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Mimeographed pages.

Anyone who’s old enough to remember this, you’ll understand exactly. Remember putting your nose against a freshly-printed page and inhaling deeply?

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I had almost forgotten about Caress soap.

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Wet wool. My mother used work spin and dye wool. Last week I made felt with students and it left a wonderful sweet swell on my hands. Also, I love the smells of pipe tobacco, Ivory soap and sweet grass.

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I like how the movie theater always smells like buttered popcorn.
I actually really like the smell of Crown Royal whiskey it reminds me of partying when I was younger.
A certain perfume that this girl
I had a crush on in junior high used to wear.
If I ever smell it anywhere I feel like I’m back in grade 8 and excited to see this girl because I could smell her perfume by our lockers and I knew she was in school that day.

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Old books. New Books. Puppy breath. Sawdust. Sauna. Grønnsåpe. Fjord mist (getting loads of it today with a strong on-shore wind). The fresh press juice factory I worked for in New Zealand. ( Jasmine and Nectarines.

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