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What is a flavor, or taste of a specific food or drink, that you find to be under-rated?

Asked by Kardamom (33381points) April 8th, 2017

So I just asked a question about under-rated smells and aromas, and then I decided to ask a companion question about tastes.

We have asked and answered many questions about our very favorite foods, but what are some tastes that you like, that are maybe a little bit more ordinary, that didn’t end up on your top ten list, but when you give it a little more thought, you think wow! that’s really good?

The first thing I thought of was a nice cold glass of whole milk. It’s so good, but it is especially good with glazed donuts, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The second thing I thought of was Earl Grey Tea. I drink that all the time, but it is splendid.

I don’t think either of these two things are something that would ever end up on my list of my very favorite foods, but I really like both of these staples. I’m just afraid I’ve taken them for granted.

What flavors or foods do you think are under-rated?

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Warm fresh homemade biscuits, with butter.

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Raw meat, especially that minced meat with spices that is made for sarma.
“Chicken bacon” aka chicken meat smoked, like bacon. I tried it recently, it’s real good. Turkey meat prepared that way is even better.
Roasted pig skin, especially if it’s still warm.
Green salad without any spices or anything else,just raw salad.
Blood has a strange, but not such a bad taste. I love sucking blood out of my wounds (my wounds, not other people’s)
Human skin is tasty too. Or at least my skin is to me.

I have an obsession with peanuts, walnuts and all other types of nuts, the raw kind, without any salt or anything else.

addition: no one seems to mention bananas much. I love them. Some types of water have specific tastes, which makes me want to drink only certain brands of bottled water.

Oh and the vegetables from the soup. Eaten without the soup. Like, fuck soup, give the veggies and the meat from there. :D Whenever I told people about this, they all gave me strange looks, like it never crossed their mind you can eat those.

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blo broccoli.

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Oooo, not pig skin, but pig fat. I love when the fat on pork chops gets crispy.
@ragingloli, yes, but I prefer it with a light, sweet sauce of some sort.

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“yes, but I prefer it with a light, sweet sauce of some sort.”
For example, blood.

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Noooo, for example orange juice with a few little chunks of mango soaked in.

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I don’t see people use ginger very much in kitchens. I’m a big fan.

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Watermelon right after it’s cubed up and cold. So good that I crave it during the winter.

Most places serve it as part of some bland fruit salad, but good watermelon stands much better on its own.

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bitter gourd…

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Mashed potatoes.
Seaweed. I like to rip up sheets of sushi nori and eat it like potato chips.
Hibiscus tea. It’s that gorgeous sweet-floral-bitter that’s just fantastic.

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Gorgonzola cheese.

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Vegan cheese, especially with Italian salad. It tastes lighter and fresher than dairy cheese.

Whole Soy & Co. (which stopped doing business in June, 2015), used to make soy yogurt smoothies. They were more refreshing than dairy yogurt smoothies, but WS stopped making them due to a lack of demand.
In comparison, imbibing dairy yogurt smoothies is like drinking liquid cheesecake.

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A good red grapefruit.

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Dwarf sweat, a little salty but hey…

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@Brian1946 I have yet to find a vegan cheese that I like. Daiya is OK, but most of the ones I’ve tried tasted terrible, and I’ve tried a lot of them. Do you have any recommendations?

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Onion soup.

@Kardamom how can any cheese be “vegan” unless it’s high processed with non-animal fat and designer-designed to mimic real cheese? I mean, it’s not really cheese.

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Fresh peas, arugula, marmalade

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Pistachio ice cream

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