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How can you tell if someone was raised by monkeys?

Asked by filmfann (49145points) April 9th, 2017

The story of a girl found among primates started here
Authorities are now questioning whether the child is mentally challenged, and was simply abandoned by her parents.

How can you tell if someone was raised by monkeys?
Is it by noticing their unfamiliarity with television? Their confusion at dinner regarding which fork to use? Their habit of flinging poo?

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Man. It would be just about impossible to distinguish the horrible abuse the child probably suffered until she was abandoned, from subsequent adoption by a (comparatively) quite retarded species of primates (compared to us,) having no clue whatsoever of human mores.

Which fork to use is a distinctly first world problem. So is unfamiliarity with television. Flinging poo…I hear about monkeys flinging poo, but I think that’s in reaction to the stress of being in cages. I don’t know if they do that in the wild.

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Recently? They don’t wear clothes, they walk on all fours, and they eat off the ground with their mouths.

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^^^ Well, I think most monkeys use their hands to eat, though.

Here is an update? from a link in your story.

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Orange skin and terrible wigs.

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Poor language skills.

(I will read the links above to get more details. I am intrigued.)

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If they do the Tarzan yell while yawning & fondle each others genitals in public places

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By behaving like one. Obviously.
The posture, behaviour, making monkey-like gesticulation….

@LuckyGuy Feral children are unable to grasp human language. They don’t have any language skills.

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I look in a mirror.

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Inability to communicate, reactions to humans, inability to keep eye contact.
There is also a bit of forensic anthropology which can trace periods of (near) starvation by marking which show up on bones in xrays.
Injuries are not conclusive, but they can be indicative.

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Ape-solutely !!

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When they open a “monkey business. ”~

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If they check your hair for bugs to eat.

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There is a case of a woman in UK in her sixties who told for years of having lived with monkeys when she was a child. She claims she lived with them for five years before encountering humans who sold her into slavery, which she escaped.
The story is incredible, and no one believed her for years. Finally, she submitted to a number of tests which prove as closely as possible after so long that she was not reality impaired.

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I saw a couple stories of kids being raised with dogs.I want to say , it was in Russia….

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@MrGrimm888 One girl in Russia was raised by wolves. There are many other kids across the world raised by animals; one boy was raised by chickens.

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Ivanka was raised by an Orangutan.

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