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Which counrty do you think will get the most medals in the olympics?

Asked by wrestlemaniac (810points) August 9th, 2008

i’m stumped on this one maybe you guys can venture a guess.

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US (sad to say but there we go

Im a Brit

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why sad? :D aren’t you an american not that i’m a patriot.

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USA! USA!. after all we strive to be the best.

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I’m Mexican but it’s for sure that Mexico won’t be the one with the most medals, I guess it would be either USA or China…

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not china i hope.

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I’m pulling for Grand Fenwick.

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where is that?

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I don’t know that much about it, but according to the pundits during opening ceremonies, China may win more medals that the US this time around.

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maybe. but after all china can’t agree an almost anything, and the USA is tolerant.

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@wrestlemaniac- If you don’t know then you’re probably too young to remember The Mouse That Roared.

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isn’t that a movie by peter sellers, i think?

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American Samoa.


No, hang on, I meant USA. Unfortunately.

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@wrestlemaniac- Yep. It sure is. And his country in the movie was the Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

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score. Home run!

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