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Your favourite sign of the season changing?

Asked by BellaB (6456points) April 9th, 2017

The ice cream truck just rumbled to a stop in front of the house. The guy got out to check his signage. We waved. The little dog sat up in anticipation.

Looks like his trial run before the Easter long weekend.

What sign of the seasons changing makes you happy?

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Being able to open the windows.

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Little tiny blossoms.
Wrens seeking friends.

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Something I really don’t see here. The leaves on the trees changing colour.

Changes in the seasons are less dramatic here. Seasons merge from one to another without any major differences. The temperature is cooler and the light changes and becomes less harsh.

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@RedDeerGuy1 – too right!

@Patty_Melt – both of those are personal favourites. Need to get my camera set up for bud and blossom photos.

@Earthbound_Misfit – I love my season changes so much. It’s one of the reasons I’m glad my parents ended up here.

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Northern California is an amazing sea of different greens this year! The oaks have leafed out, and the sun in its early spring morning and evening angles casts a wonderful light.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

Greening of everything, samaras falling, wild violets, dogwood blooms. Crisp mornings with pleasant afternoons. Planting my garden.

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The smell. There’s a certain smell in the air that you begin to notice. I heard the ice cream truck, too.

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The smell of freshly mowed grass.

BellaB's avatar

Green, green, the smell of green, and ice cream.

I think we’ve got a hit!

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Weed gets a bit cheaper.

2davidc8's avatar

The birds and flowers coming back.

Berserker's avatar

The first snow covering shit.

kruger_d's avatar

Watching the ice go out on the river from my back yard.

Brian1946's avatar

The foliage changing colors from green to yellow, orange, and red.

The rain washing away the accumulated dust from the annoyingly dry summers of So Cal.

Also, the end of our wildfire season.

Cooper_Saldana's avatar

Snow melting, water flowing, vitamin D from the sunshine and everyone is happy.
Women take off their winter jackets and I can see their butts again.
All these things about spring make me happy. : )

Sneki95's avatar

Autumn: shit got yellow and it’s raining
Winter: shit got white and it’s cold
Spring: shit got green and there are dandelions everywhere
Summer: shit is still green but it’s hot af, and no dandelions.

Stinley's avatar

@Sneki95 a poem for you about Spring

Sneki95's avatar

@stinley :D
It’s like my own thoughts.

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@Stinley , that poem always reminds me of this

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When the cat bones fall out of the trees.

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Spring: the return of the geese.
Fall: the maple leaves turning colours.

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Ha ha ha, I live in Southern California. The seasons don’t change.

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Hearing the crows fart before breakfast

BellaB's avatar

@cazzie are cat bones the same as catkins?

Earthbound_Misfit's avatar

Being able to snuggle under my quilt in bed without being too warm. The temperature has really dropped this morning. And I woke up feeling all snuggly and warm in my lovely bed. And we can cuddle more because you’re not roasting hot. Over the past few weeks, there were nights where the temp didn’t drop below 30 degrees. I love when the weather is cooler and we can cuddle more.

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@Sneki95 FUCK dandelions. I hate those things.

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@Berserker LOL! I like them only from afar.

Earthbound_Misfit's avatar

Oh, and my cat becomes exceedingly friendly. I become his favourite chair during the day and at night, he turns into a fur hat.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Ha ha ha, I love when cats sit on your head : )

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No. Real cat bones from cats that get stuck up trees and die. It’s a joke between me and @Seek .

Cooper_Saldana's avatar

You fucking people should help cats out of trees, I do.

cazzie's avatar

@Cooper_Saldana ‘you fucking people’? How about you, yourself personally, understand when you read a joke and not curse people out for some imagined offence?

Cooper_Saldana's avatar

I was just kidding.
I do climb trees to get cats down even though I’m really allergic to them.
Sorry, my sense of humor doesn’t always translate well through text, but if you could see the look on my face and tone in my voice you’d probably know that I’m just fucking with you.
Sorry. : )

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

I got it but we have a simmilar sense of humor.

cazzie's avatar

hahaha! @Cooper_Saldana Dude! We were both kidding. Classic bad jokes that don’t translate with just text.

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