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How much time and effort do you dedicate to your oral hygiene?

Asked by gondwanalon (23045points) April 12th, 2017

If we want to maintain our teeth, gums and general health it’s important to put in the work.

I’m 66 years old and up to now I’ve done OK just brushing 2 to 3 times a day with an manual tooth brush and flossing 3 times a day. However this was not enough to stop the slow progression of periodontal disease to the point where I recently needed a sub gingival curettage procedure to clean out the decaying gum tissue.

What I was doing before stopped being effective so I’ve gotten much more aggressive with my oral hygiene and yet I still only dedicate a total of 11 minutes of oral care per day.

I now use two electronic tooth brushes. “Philips Sonicare” for 2 minutes twice a day and “Oral -B Professional Care 2000” for 2 minutes twice a day plus I floss for one minute three times a day. I also use an antiseptic rinse twice a day.

What’s in your dental care arsenal?

How much time do you spend on oral hygiene?

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I brush 2 Times a day and floss
Once every 2nd or third day.
I rinse with Listerine Whitening mouthwash, you guys are luckyI have autocorrect.
If I drink alcohol it sterilizes my
Just do what I do and it will work out.
Thanks. : )

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I brush with a regular toothbrush 2–4 times a day. That’s about it, but I’m only 48.

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2 to 4 times a day?

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i appreciate your honesty, that’s
wow, it’s late gotta watch a little of the wedding singer, sober up and GI to work by myself.
Should be a nice night, thanks. : )
I’m actually wasted, no joke.
I haven’t been this uncoordinated since 1999 I think.
I hope I get everything gets done

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I brush 0 to 3 times per day, average probably 1.5.
I occasionally remember to go between teeth but this requires equipment not just floss – one or another type of rods that hold a C-shaped thing with a bit of floss on it, or pipe-cleaner style things. But I rarely remember to do that or take time to do many of the teeth.

Then I go to a dentist every 3–4 months for a cleaning.

I’m lucky with my genetically very durable teeth. Dentist says if I keep getting cleaning I should never really need anything else.

The only time I’ve had cavities was after not bothering to go to the dentist for many years in a row.

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Not enough. I usually brush 2 times a day. More if I go out of the house more than once. The worst thing I do is falling asleep without brushing. I hate when I do that, and it happens a few times a week. Most of the time when it happens I wake up in the middle of the night and brush them then, but it isn’t unusual for me to sleep straight through the night. I use mouthwash once in a while. I especially use it when I’m very sleepy, and my husband recently fell asleep, in lieu of brushing. I had a friend who significantly curbed her cavity problem by using mouthwash every night.

I don’t floss as much as I should. I don’t believe the dental hygiene and heart disease connection, but I do believe taking care of your test is good for your teeth and gums.

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I brush twice a day and floss with the inter-dental brushes (the pipe cleaners) every couple of days. I probably spend more than 5 but less than 10 minutes a day on average.

@JLeslie the link between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease are fairly well established with a good body of evidence. I’m curious as to why you do not think that there is a connection?

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@Stinley All along I felt like it’s a correlation. People with healthy teeth are more likely to be in better health and have better healthcare in general.

There is certainly no harm in believing there is a link. It would never be bad to take care of your teeth I would think.

Last year there was talk of flossing not helping tooth decay, I found this article. I’m not saying that article is right, because the way I read it they are only questioning prior studies.

I do fully believe in certain bacterias that cause cavities, and that people infected with those bacterias are much much more likely to have multiple cavities. I also believe that some of the bacterias in your mouth can be dangerous for your heart, but that it’s more related to it getting into the vascular system, like how people with MVP need to be given antibiotics before a teeth cleaning. I don’t think basic oral hygiene compared to exceptional oral hygiene makes a difference. Bacteria multiplies and divides rapidly. You brush your teeth, and through the day the bacterial are quickly regrowing. I think if you have an “infection” in your mouth of “bad” bacterias, brushing doesn’t help enough anyway, you might actually need an antibiotic. An extreme example would be having an STD, just brushing and flossing doesn’t cure it.

In fact, I wish more was researched regarding specific infections and doing something about it. I feel this way about bacterias and things like HPV. They never test mouths for HPV (maybe they do in AIDS patients, I don’t know) maybe they should.

I do believe in a link between infections and cancers. They says it’s from the inflammation. Maybe so, maybe not. Something is happening on a cellular level, that I believe.

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Twice, I think flossing is more important to be honest. I do that at least twice.

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I floss 1–2 times daily and brush 2–4 times with an old school toothbrush. I had a whopping 2 cavities in 30+ years, but then I had a lapse in overall health and well being a couple of years ago, and despite no changes in my oral hygiene routine, I developed multiple cavities and mild gingivitis. Now my health is much better and I am still using the same regimen and I am 2+ years without another incident. It’s pretty wild.

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Not enough to have two electric toothbrushes. I do use an electric toothbrush that has a timed brushing function for 2 minutes, so I brush for 2 minutes twice a day usually. I also floss afterward both times. That’s about it but it seems to be working, considering I’ve never had a filling before.

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@gondwanalon I floss daily, brush with Sonicare toothbrush. I have “dry mouth” which has contributed greatly to the tooth loss I have. Maybe 5 minutes total.

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Life sure isn’t fare. Some of us can maintain healthy mouths doing so little while other can’t seen to do enough.

A 50 year old woman that I know says that she never flosses and her dentist tells her that she has healthy gums. I told that to my dentist and he said that he doesn’t believe it.

Anyway, when I was young flossing was pretty much unheard of or done by fanatics (in my opinion). So I never flossed until I was 35 years old and my dentist performed intensive periodontal gum surgery (called a “Perio” for short) on all 4 quadrants of my mouth. In that surgery the dentist used a scalpel to cut my gums and pull them back to where he could scrape the decay away form the bone. I was awake and was the the most sickening feeling ever that I can remember. I kept thing, “Are you serious?” After going through that I got very serious about flossing and brushing. I flossed every time I ate anything.

Nevertheless throughout the years that followed dental hygienists frequently would asked me, “Do you floss?” WTF!!!

Thank you all for your input. Looks like I’m the oral hygiene fanatic now. HA!

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I never felt that flossing did much good and I much prefer using TePe interdental brushes to keep my teeth clean. I brush twice a day taking about 4 minutes each time.

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When I wake up, when I go to sleep, and after some meals.

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Brush once in the morning and at night before going to sleep but sometimes the latter doesn’t happen as often as it should. I sometimes use mouthwash but rarely.

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@gondwanalon In a humorous vein, you don’t need to floss all your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep. rofl

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