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Is chat broken?

Asked by Rarebear (25172points) April 14th, 2017

It says I’m in chat but I’m not.
I popped in there yesterday to tell Ragingloli something, but the screen froze on me. Now it says I’m still there.

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According to my view, you are still in there with ragingloli, cinnamonk, and cazzie. I think you are all ragingloli’s prisoners in another dimension.

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Boy are you in real trouble, that Dimension is the 5th

Let’s see if I get stuck too.

EDIT I was able to use Leave Room twice (two separate times) and got out of Chat.

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@Tropical_Willie No balloon necessary when you’re in 5D with the Byrds!

But I don’t “see” you in chat….

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I left after going in twice. See my edited response. ^^^

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I’ll try again.

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Okay, I was able to leave the room, but I can’t post. When I try to post I get a white screen and it freezes. I can back out of it. I wonder if it’s my browser?

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Clear your web browser history and try all the steps again.

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Nope. And my edge browser gave me a 400 error.
That’s okay, I never use chat anyway. As I said I only popped in to tell Rag something Star Trek related

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It still looks like ragingloli, cinnamonk, and cazzie are all in the Twilight Zone.

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Oh baby can this really be the end,
to be stuck inside a chatroom with the Memphis blues again?

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Hey Penguin we have an open mic night tomorrow. R&B and lots of Bluegrass with banjoes

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Named & shamed in the tw@ room, how awfully embarrassing.

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@Tropical_Willie Hey I play the banjo and I play at open mics.

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