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How do you monitor media in your home?

Asked by LornaLove (10037points) April 14th, 2017

There are so many media portals feeding into our home, radio, TV, newspapers and internet. Sometimes, of course, this can be a good thing and a helpful thing, other times not so much!

How do you manage media in your home? Or don’t you bother? A lot of media is pretty negative and some even disturbing. Other media can be subtly influencing, how do you filter this for yourself and your family perhaps?

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I watch, read or listen to whatever interests me in the time available. I’ve been admonished for my tastes (or lack of them) by most of my fellow puffed up elitists, but I don’t give a damn.

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We don’t turn on the TV during the day, nor do we have cable or satellite, so that makes that part easy. Once in a while, I watch PBS, which doesn’t bombard me with marketing or sensationalism.
I regularly put myself on news diets (which I am long overdue for, but I have been sucked into current events and struggling to pull away). Facebook is the social media that I use most, I am on Facebook off and all the majority of the day, and I have news sites filtered out of my feed for the most part. For a while there, it was all that I could see, and I realized how incredibly stressful it was for me. I try to train the algorithm to show me more things that I enjoy that aren’t negative or stressful – old homes, art, comics, uplifting quotes, cute animals, etc. I am on a quest to make my social media experience as positive as it can be, but I admit that it’s not easy.

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I live by myself, so I don’t need to worry about others’ tastes.

I know what I like and what to believe. I can always turn the channel or go to a different website.

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I’ve got my big easy chair right in the middle of my living room, right in front of the TV, right in the middle of the “Surround Sound” envelope.

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I don’t use any media except the internet, where I read/watch/listen anything I like.

I don’t trust the press, radio, television, nor any other media in the slightest.

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Having no TV “channel” services. Everything is picked to intentionally view, and no ads.

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It’s just me and my partner so we don’t care

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I listen to BBC Radio 4 and the BBC News Channel when at home. I find the BBC very informative and dependable as a news source and a lot of research goes into their stories. I also listen to Radio 4 and use the BBC News app when abroad.

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I own a TV for DVD viewing but have not watched TV in the last 16 years or so now. I read a few news articles on my homepage in the morning, sometimes, not every day, but otherwise I do not read, listen to or watch any media. I really think people that are obsessed with media need to take a step back. Not healthy to be rabidly addicted to news and negativity.

My mantra is “fuck it”, I know enough, I don’t need to know more. haha

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On my lap, mostly.

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I’m well connected when on land when I want to be. I have ROKU and a couple satcomms available piped to different screens, but I rarely use them anymore unless curiosity or homesickness gets the best of me. I sometimes monitor the various American, British, French and Swedish news feeds. I recently found something on the American feed called OANN, the One America News Network. It is small right now, only available through Fios and a few other providers, and it is ultra right wing. It makes FOX look like NeoCon pre-school. But they devote a lot more time to international news, unlike all the other American cable news channels which pump out only Trump TV.

Mostly, I investigate the origins of news stories on my laptop, when I’m interested, which is rare these days.

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When my kids were little it was easy: I didn’t have any.

Today it’s just Rick and me so whatever. Sometimes we enjoy something together, other times I quietly suffer through something he finds enjoyable (football) and sometimes he suffers quietly while I enjoy something (science programs.) However, he recently discovered my lap top, so that’s mostly what he does even when we’re supposed to be watching a show we both like together.

As far as computer stuff, I have a lap top that I refuse to use unless it’s specifically needed. If I’m watching TV, then I’m watching TV. To use the computer I have to get up and come into the computer room.

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