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Do people still really draw or do they use apps?

Asked by Allicandoit2 (6points) April 14th, 2017

Do peeps that draw pics do it for real or do they use a drawing app to do it?

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Drawing with an app is still “real” drawing. Yes, people still draw using other techniques. As far as I can tell, your head and shoulders do not affect the answer to your question.

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@dappled_leaves Depends on the app. On some, you set some settings and press the “cartoonize” button.

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Well, I do. I take a weekly portrait class with live models, and the first meeting of the month is for drawing: rendering a realistic likeness on paper with graphite pencil. The rest of the month, we work on a painting of the same model. We just do head and shoulders.

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Yep. I draw with graphite and sometimes other mediums, colored pencil, chalk, charcoal, pastel. Lots of people use apps and lots of people draw with digital programs.

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@Zaku What you describe is not drawing. I was talking about “using an app to draw”, which is what the OP asked about.

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At our office Christmas party, there was a caricaturist who drew with colored pens, and an electronic portraitist who drew on an iPad, then printed it to be almost indistinguishable from colored chalk on dark paper.

So both are legit ways of drawing you.

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