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What's wrong with my lawnmower?

Asked by Stinley (11515points) April 17th, 2017 from iPhone

It won’t start. It’s a Honda 3009 or similar. Ride on tractor style. Petrol engine. Quite old.

You turn the key and there is a click and bit of whirring but nothing else. The battery is fine and my husband also tried to jump start it with the car. We tried pushing it down a short hill then putting it in gear. The wheels just locked and it screeched to a halt. No reaction from the engine.

Thoughts as to the source of the problem? Engine? Starter motor?

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I am not familiar with that particular engine but the problem you describe is common in many vehicles – mowers and cars.
(We both recognize I diagnosing over the internet and did not hear the sound but it is so common I will offer this suggestion.anyway.)
It is possible the starter bendix is not engaging. The starter spins but the gear on the end is not engaging with the engine. Look up starter bendix spins but does not engage youtube. That can happen if the shaft gets rusty, or the gear or flywheel has stripped teeth. If it were mine I would take off the starter and look at the gear. Make sure it moves. Tap it with a hammer if you have to. Spray it with some penetrating oil.
Put it all back together and try it. This is an easy job. The whole thing will not take more than an hour and if it works will save you a lot of money.

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Check for spark

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No reaction? Are you telling us that with the mower in motion, and in gear, the engine doesn’t “turn over” at all? Has the mower been sitting unused for a very long time?

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Like @LuckyGuy said, it sounds like the starter bendix is not engaging the flywheel. You may have to take it to a shop.
You may be able to replace/repair the starter yourself.
Remove the spark plug and see if the engine turns over.
Be sure to check/clean/replace the air filter if it hasn’t been serviced once you get it going.

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Husband checked the battery connections again and was able to start it from the car. Lost in translation but it was a different way of connecting it. It seems the battery is the problem. A new one is cheap. Thanks for advice xx

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Check the spark plug wire with an ohm meter to make sure there isn’s a break.
Buy a new spark plug.
Check the fuel line filter.
Drain the gas tank and examine the inside for corrosion and debris.
Good luck!

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New battery today. Working a treat. He’s sharpened the blades too.

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Got gas? You would not believe the number of people who brought their mowers in for us to fix because they wouldn’t start…and they were simply out of gas!

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I did ask if there was fuel. I got a dirty look in reply.

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LOL!! Once my ex was mowing the lawn and the mower quit. He tried and tried to restart it. He was getting so mad. He actually kicked the lawn mower. I stuck my head out the door and said, “Is it out of gas?”
Oh, I got a dirty look alright. And even dirtier look when he checked, and sure as hell, it was out of gas.

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Here is the working lawnmower. You can see why I was desperate to get it going!!

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Your yard looks like ours. Our mower is down too, at the moment. :/

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@Stinley 《——- that’s a good woman righ there

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