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If you were Kim Jun-Un (leader of N Korea) and had a nuke that would reach the US, where would you aim?

Asked by elbanditoroso (23140points) April 17th, 2017

Assuming that the N Koreans had an ICBM capable of reaching the US, and also assuming that they had a nuclear weapon (that would work), what western US city would be his target?

Honolulu would be obvious, because it’s closer. Same, to a degree, with any city in Alaska.

But the bigger splash (no pun intended) would be to hit the West Coast. Do you think Kim would shoot for Seattle? San Francisco? Las Vegas?

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This question makes me queasy. It’s like asking where to hit a human with a bat to do the most harm.

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If I were Kim Jun-Un, I would stop antagonizing the US except by calling out Trump for what he is. Then I’d start my new reform program which would aim to restore human rights and well-being of the people of North Korea.

Oh, you mean if I were not me, but “Eeevil Me” had my intelligence and were wanting to possibly fling one ICBM at the US? It would depend on my goal in doing so. No target is really liable to have a good effect for North Korea. I might aim high, for an EMP effect on the eastern half of the country, also because I probably can’t actually count on hitting a city directly due to accuracy issues. If I could get it to a city, I’d probably FedEx it to Washington DC and try to get it to go off when all of Congress and the POTUS/VPOTUS were there at the same time. Or aim for NYC as a public hostage gesture.

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I would aim it at Seoul.

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If you nail a big one into the Pacific Ocean, it might make a tsunami that could damage the whole west coast, and the islands in the Pacific.

I once read of a Russian advisor recommending they target Yellowstone with a huge nuke. The explosion might make the super volcano underneath go too. No more America, no more livable world either though…

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Paducah, Kentucky.

Any urban area being destroyed would be met with laughs and cheers from Trump’s idiot brigade.

To really piss him off, you have to hit “good white Christian working class land”.

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Loose lips sink ships. I withhold my thought on this subject.

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He’s not insane or suicidal, but it works for him that we think he is. He’s a blackmailer with a huge problem.

For three generations the Kims have held power by indoctrinating the people of NK with the paranoia that the Capitalist-Imperialist West (read U.S.) wants to obliterate North Korea with nukes. It’s all he’s got because his political and economic system doesn’t work and his people starve every winter. The only thing that holds his country together is the paranoia. He is an embarrassment to what is left of world Communism. The standard of living is shit over there and more and more of his people are realizing this in spite of their forced isolation and Kim’s propaganda machine. But people will do anything, suffer any abuse, if they believe they have a deadly common enemy.

Up to now, he has shot off his missiles into the Sea of Japan and received wheat and rice from China and the US (to the tune of 26B so far) to feed his people every winter for his trouble. Trump has decided that he won’t play that game anymore, and now this fuck needs to either play it straight, or show some force to save face. It’s a dangerous game of brinkmanship.

Those supposed ICBMs he paraded a few days ago in front of the world press and his own people were the containers of Chinese ICBMs. Nobody knows what was really inside them. Does he actually have ICBMs? Did he steal Chinese tech? Trump is betting that he doesn’t have them. This may be a result from his meeting with the Chinese president last week.

Trump is also pressuring China to reel in Kim by ramping down trade with him. Over 75% of NK’s trade is with China. They would starve for sure if China did this. This could result in a revolution bloodier than the Bolsheviks in 1918. We probably wouldn’t mind this, but I don’t think China wants anything like that so close to their borders.

If I were Kim and needed to flex my muscles, and had the capability, I would lob the first one between Hawaii and San Francisco, betting that the US systems and defense people are disciplined enough to not start WWIII over one missile shot —just to show he could do it and scare the shit out of the US population in the process. He believes we are soft, that we are a bunch of rich, pampered snowflakes, and as a democracy we would be slow to react. The guy is a little prick, but if he is to hold onto power, he must do something. If he doesn’t, he may have a military coup on his hands.

We’ll see how it goes.

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Not possible. I would have to be brain dead to pick a fight with a nation that has a whole load of weapons to nuke me to kingdom come.

But I suppose if I were this suicidal idiot ( which honestly that hair cut would make me wish I was dead) I would select Mar O Largo on a weekend and take out Putin and Assad all at the same time. His country may be no more, but he may actually go down in the history books for taking down the world a-holes all at the same time. Well if there is a world left. The best he could do is sit on the rocket when it goes up. Then no matter where it hits, his aim was true and would take out someone super annoying. He would then end up in the Guinness book of records for either the dumbest person ever, or the most unusual suicide.

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If I were one of the Kim’s dogmen, I’d advise him to aim it at China.

China’s services would erase him from existence in less than two hours.

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If I were in Kim’s position, I would wait on what Trump does. Trump has said that he is going to take action. If Trump fails to do so, it is to Kim’s benefit. If Trump does engage in a military act then Kim should respond in kind with South Korea the likely target. Assuming that North Korea could retaliate, it looks like they are in the superior strategic position. There is no way that China will cut off aid. The resulting humanitarian refugee crisis would not be very good for China.

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The White House (preferable when the President and his family are at home). After finding the nearly impossible solution to bypass any type of security surrounding that place. Ya gotta hit where it hurts the most. Times Square is another good place to target as it will heavily impact American’s economy in large scale

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how about that so-called “freedom tower”?

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The North Koreans already have missiles capable of reaching the US. They can reach Hawaii, thus the US.

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I know a good one, but don’t want to give any ideas.

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I imagine Kim would aim for Hollywood. He is deeply jealous of American celebrities.

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For maximum impact… The Mall of America when the next Star Wars catastrophe is released.

That would get everyone scared.

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Gawd. I don’t even want to think about. You know how they say “remember the Alamo”? I’d say “remember Pearl Harbor.”

Hitting a big city may kill more people, but hitting an average suburb away from a city center might really be more frightening and shocking.

If I were Kim Jun Un I would not do anything to the US. It sounds completely idiotic to me to do any such thing. I truly can’t fathom why it would be beneficial. It’s a purely homicidal act with no positive benefit in my opinion. Maybe I’m just completely ignorant to why it would have a benefit? I just don’t understand it.

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