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What does everyone think of the Chinese government draining water from farmers for the 2008 Summer Olympics?

Asked by fullclip (70points) August 9th, 2008
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Athletes need water.

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Isn’t that how they’ve always accomplished their goals?
They’ll never be accused of suffering from the “Robin Hood” syndrome.

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Well now, that bites.

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Hey, ‘loser’! (I’ll never get used to this…tee hee) stalking me?

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Respectfully, I think it’s minor compared to other happenings in China, such as the forced relocation of an entire river valley to make way for a giant hydroelectric dam. Also, while I’m sure larger communities are affected, the article doesn’t quite justify the causality. A village of thirty people has an unreliable water source, it seems, whether the olympics are in town or not. I think the bigger story is that China’s industrialization is, in general, drawing resouces to urban centers at the expense of rural communities. Similar things have happened in the U.S. I’m sure.

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maybe those thirsty peasents will finally do something about their over bearing goverment. but probably not.

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