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What do you want your children or grandchildren to understand?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) April 18th, 2017

My children are learning to be adults. They are all succeeding in varying degrees. I get to watch them as they face situations that require them to make their own decisions. Sometimes they ask me for my thoughts, and I share what I would do in the situation. I enjoy that interaction a great deal.

We have children so they can grow into competent adults. They’re cute when they’re little, but to me, this is much more fun now that they’re adults.

If I could choose only one thing that I truly wanted them to know, it would be self-love for many reasons that are too numerous to list here.

What do you want to pass on to your children or grandchildren?

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Don’t miss me. I really was nothing much. Everything else is already decided.

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Treat everyone with respect.

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Be kind and polite. Look at the people who are poor and having lots of difficulties for meeting simple things and understand how lucky you are for getting them without much effort.Dont be hurtful to anybody. Think hundred times before saying or doing anything like that as it will have lasting impression on that person and cannot be taken back. Try to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest.

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It’s unlikely that I will ever have children or grandchildren, but hypothetically… I would want to instill the importance of curiosity. I hope they would never lose their sense of wonder and their drive to learn. Set goals and reward yourself for every step toward those goals. Know that the world can be cruel and harsh and unrelenting, but the majority of the people in it are good and they are probably struggling, too. Try to see things from their perspective. Try to see things from many perspectives, as many perspectives as you can and always be curious about the perspectives of others. Although many will argue otherwise, empathy is always the right choice in just about every scenario you will find yourself in. Do not confuse that with sympathy or as an excuse for people to treat you badly and take advantage. Be kind but take no shit, you are not only allowed, but encouraged to listen to your body and to take care of yourself.

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I had a much longer list at some point, and my kids are still young, but it seems like a lot of the basics are understood on their own. They understand and know how to have fun naturally, and happiness is something they seek on their own, so those get taken care of. I’m sure there will be some learning for all of us before they get a little closer to leaving the house.

The things I really had to slow down and concentrate on now have been kindness and appreciation, at least for my daughter (4). She’s fairly kind by herself, but really doesn’t understand why it’s so important so we talk about that and ask her to tell us one kind thing she did each day at school (and one fun thing). Appreciation is a bit harder, but I think it’s harder for everyone, so it’s something we talk about when the time is right to try and help her understand how lucky we are and to appreciate what (and who) we have rather than staring at the lack of something.

So I guess I wish for them (and their kids) to seek fun, be outwardly kind, and be inwardly content and appreciative. I think many of the other important things I want them to understand fall in place if you can keep those four.

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Do or do not. There is no try.

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There was a time, I was the one with all the answers.
I was deemed to always be right.

Then as time past by, they seem to know, I just wasn’t all that clever.

Making their own life paths, regardless of what I thought.

Now, as I am into the final stages of time on earth.
They show concern, and love to have me around….
on holidays get-togethers and such.
Not so sure, it`s so much about my abilities or great intellect…
but rather, I am the link to a simpler and happier time,
in their lives.,
The realisation, the juggernaut of time, in rumbling just over the horizon.
Can’t say, I`ve ever taught anything to them,
but surprisingly, they are younger versions of me.

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