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How can I make my pizza crust more brown in a simple oven?

Asked by butterfly_Wings (64points) April 18th, 2017

My pizza dough always comes out white, I need it to be more pizzeria style crust, brown and crunchy!

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Brush it with olive oil and bake it for a few minutes before putting the toppings on. You can also set your pizza under the broiler for a short while before it comes out of the oven, which will brown up the crust and bubble the cheese.

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Use a pizza stone in oven, wait for 30 minute after it hits 500 *F , use a pizza peel with parchment paper between pizza and peel to slide pizza on to stone, rotate pizza 180 * half way through cooking time (also the time to remove parchment paper).

Don’t overload with toppings, that makes pizza a soggy, precook sausage and any meats.

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Use a special pizza pan.

Another option, put the pizza directly on the rack, no pan, if it’s a frozen pizza. You can put a pan on a rack below it if you’re worried about the oven getting dirty.

I usually put aluminum foil on the oven rack and pierce large holes in it, and put the pizza on that. This way parts of the pizza get browned, but the edges of the pizza if they drip cheese drip onto the aluminum foil.

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