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Do you think there is a specific time and place to watch a film?

Asked by Sneki95 (7012points) April 19th, 2017

If you want to watch a film, do you put up a specific environment? Do you watch it in a specific time, say, only in evening?

Are some films better watched alone, or with other people? Do you prefer watching a film at home, alone, or in cinemas?
Do you react differently depending on how you watch a film, and with whom?
Are there any special “rituals” that you have before and during watching a film?
Or do you not really care?

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I watch movies strictly at home, and strictly alone. My ideal time is late night, when there is no light and the dark creates a cinema-like atmosphere. I really like it when my room is completely dark and the laptop’s screen light is the only light. It works especially well with black-and-white movies, which I frequently consume. But I have to admit that late night doesn’t give me enough time to watch movies. Actually I can watch at any time in the day as long as I have a lot of time, but late night is my favorite.

I also watch movies in cinemas with friends, but whenever I do that I have to have my brain turned off beforehand. First off, I don’t have much choice of movies in the cinema. There are fewer movies than my collection and I have to go with what my friends choose. Secondly, most movies there fail to match my taste fun fact: my friends don’t know I have a very strange taste. I know there are good movies now and then but it just so happens that whenever I come to the cinema I only see bad movies. Whenever I watch movies there I have to lower my expectation to the bottom of the gauge. The cinema is just an excuse for hanging out with friends and eating junk food. Movies are only secondary.

Beside, I want to focus entirely on the movies, so watching alone is the best option.I only watch movies with friends for fun. When I need to watch movies in a serious manner, I want to be completely alone. My taste of movies is too sophisicated for my friends for a serious discussion anyway. Or maybe I just take movies too seriously.

I also have a ritual. Because there are so many movies in my collection, I need to choose movies in a way that no movie is left out for so long. I use this website to help me decide. I paste my list of movie on the site and the movie that fall onto the arrow becomes the next movie to watch. You never know what you will get :)

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No. I just love films. Day, night, morning, mid-day, evening. I’m happy to watch films alone, with my husband, with my kids, in a cinema, in my lounge room. All good to me.

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Depends on genre. Dramas and comedies during the day. Horror movies late at night, with the lights out, the rumbling of thunder in the sky, and the cat giving you mean looks from behind the couch.

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Yep horror films late at night in the dark blinds drawn & no fucking interruptions.
Police helicopter…fuck right off!!

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If it’s a big productuon with effects like star wars then the theater. Cozy evening movies at home in a recliner under a blanket with a drink. Informational, or documentaries on my phone with a pair of head phones.

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I have to be very awake.

Sitting still for two hours at a time happens so rarely for me that if I get the opportunity I’ll probably fall asleep.

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I’m with @Earthbound_Misfit – and would love to go to the movies with her.

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Me too! I watch a lot of movies, and anytime is a good time.
If I watch a film in a cinema, I like to sit on the right side, not in the middle. I am not sure why, but it increases my enjoyment of the film. It may have something to do with the fact that I always sat on that side of the classroom growing up, because we were seated alphabetically.
that didn’t increase my enjoyment of school, though.

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I used to love going to the movies on Sunday mornings. No more. Ticket and refreshment prices are exorbitant and audiences are too often noisy, rude and crowded. I’ll take my own den and big screen TV, streaming and my large collection of movie DVDs anytime.

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I’d most prefer to watch a film in a large old art deco or equally nice movie theater with imaginative decorations and comfy seats, and without any disruptive audience members.

I can watch at any time, but best not mornings unless it’s going to be a very lazy day or something. Not only does a film take time itself, but it tends to affect my state of mind for a while after, so I’d rather not have to do anything pressing afterward.

I mainly only really want other people to watch with me if they’re people I know well and I want to share the film with them. I don’t mind an audience except for the specific annoying things some of them may do. I also don’t much like it when I want to watch a film with someone, and they don’t pay much attention to it. For easily-distracted friends, a theater can help keep them focused. I also only want to watch films with people who will like it – I’d rather watch some films alone than with people who aren’t into them (for me, it’s mainly violent action films that I’ll watch alone). I guess also I like to watch something alone just because I enjoy doing that alone too (I always notice the presence of others and appreciate decompression time alone).

Watching at home / TV is ok but I prefer to have as few interruptions as possible. I don’t want to miss any of a film I’d want to watch, and interruptions (especially commercials) and gaps detract from the experience.

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Well, the damn theater sure thinks so! Every time I ask them to start the movie over!

I am not that particular about the place or time of day, except that if I am watching a movie I am renting I don’t want to be interrupted, so I usually don’t start until after dinner.

But for movies broadcast on TV, I really don’t even care if I have missed a few minutes.

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Time- when I’m awake.

Place- indoors.

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Rick works from the house. I am unemployed. The TV is never on during the day. It comes on at 5:00, beginning with Judge Judy.
On weekends the TV is on all the time. Don’t know why. I’m not watching it. Not sure what Rick is doing. He’s the one who turns it on, like first thing.

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I watch films during down time when I’m in escapist mode. There are no theatres near me, so it’s whatever I’ve captured off the net. In this, I play a game. I never pay for a film. If I can’t get it for free, I can’t get it. But I was very good at getting them before the copyright laws were more efficiently enforced in the States and here on this island. Now, I have to rely on people who live in countries where those laws aren’t well enforced. It’s not fair to artists, but what the hell, I guess I’m not a very nice guy.

The films shown in theatres on this island are censored for kids. The hotels have Netflix and adult stuff for the tourists. So, it’s all vampires, sci fi and super heroes. Not my favorite genres. So, I have about a thousand films on external hard drives. Mostly classics, like Citizen Kane, American Noirs, obscure rare films like the Beachcomber from 1938 with Elsa Lanchester and her husband, Charles Laughton—two great actors in a story by Somerset Maugham, and some new films I find interesting and worth watching over again every year or two.

I have two menus. One for me and my friends, and newer ones that I think are really good, but have been overlooked by many people and rarely seen by the average person, like the Lake House, the Magic of Belle Isle and the hilarious Mr. Right. These I use for amusing my clients during multi-day voyages under adverse whether when everyone is below decks dying of boredom.

I watch a lot of films alone and enjoy them that way. It gives me time to really get into them. I like an intimate film night with somebody I like as well. It’s interesting how certain people react to certain films. The really good ones always elicit discussion.

But I also like to arrange themed film nights with friends and about three of us will contribute a film My thing is popcorn and Pepsi during these little parties, but the food can get pretty extravagant if one or two of us feel like cooking that night. It’s also fun to watch some of the films we’ve all seen many times and point out the mistakes, quote the lines, get excited when you see something you never noticed before. The Big Sleep is a never-ending source for this type of thing. Every time I show it, somebody points out something we haven’t seen before.

It’s like a cult film thing. It’s a lot of fun.

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I watch a ton of horror films with my daughter because we both love them, my son & wife don’t like them & so they will be out or in another room.
I prefer to watch comedies in company as laughter is infectious & creates a better atmosphere when shared, but I insist on watching a crime suspense thriller alone so I can work out shit for myself uninterrupted, enhances the tension too.
We all watch certain films together, ones we all like, as gathering family around the tellybox is something that i’ve always enjoyed.

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Sometimes I like to go with family or friends to the local foodie cinema (Cinema Grill or Movie Tavern). Recently, though, I have found a few friends who are true cinephiles. They have each worked in the local entertainment industry and they all have fairly extensive collections. The former projectionist has his own 35mm projector for his home studio!

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I usually watch movies laying in bed in my bedroom.
My son uses the big TV in the living room to watch his shows.
I usually only get through about half a movie before I have to make supper or go to work etc. so I stop it and return later. Then I watch some more of it before bed until my eyelids get heavy and I stop it again and go to sleep.
Sometimes it takes me a few days to get through a movie, but eventually I do. : )

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