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What sport is your passion?

Asked by dulcecorazon (105points) August 9th, 2008

To me it’s biking.

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ice hockey

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American Football

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Yes you’re right. :) but i like baseball too.

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Pats or Giants?

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Looooooove speed.

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Ultimate Frisbee!

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I’m sorry. :(

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Yes. 8 people rowing sweep style (1 oar) in a boat.

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You guys are ready for the next time Olympics.

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Another one for rowing!

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sorry be original no copycats even though I like you too.

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She’s a rower too!

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I suck at sports. :(

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stay home then, or play dodgeball.

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Why do I have to stay home?

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Beach volleyball. I could play for hours and hours.

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@dulcecorazon: no offense, but this is all too weird. You don’t have to comment on every person’s response.

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I am traigically clumys so I was never much of a sporto… But I enjoy watching football.

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Motor sports

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oops! Clumsy!*

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You proved your point =P

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haha bully! :)

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I was concurring with you.

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Ah, another climbing enthusiast!

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Gaelic football and soccer

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I enjoy playing any sport (esp. badminton and volleyball) and watch mostly basketball and tennis.

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To play: volleyball
To watch: football (NFL)
To teach/be around: tennis

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F1 & Soccer (i went to the final macth of Copa Libertadores de America, the best experience in my life, amazing!)

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I have not heard from you in a while, interesting how?!!!!!

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Hi sweetheart, I normaly don’t fluther over the weekends, how did I make it, well, it was a stroke of luck, I made lots (and lots) of phone calls to get a ticket as it was extremely difficult to get them, finally, a friend of mine did the miracle. We were in a privileged seat, took pictures, cried, everything… one of the best nights in my life [Liga 4–2Fluminense](still the Soda Stereo experience beats everything)

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I’m not passionate about it, but I LOVE watching College Football!

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Can you get me some tickets pleeeeease? ;)

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where d’you wanna go?

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SEX! Aka, “Man’s Favorite Sport.”

August 24, 2008, 1:28 PM EDT

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Jack jack jack

How long does it take for you to post the date every time?

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Although many don’t consider it a real ‘sport’, my passion is Golf and I enjoy playing it when I’m not watching Tiger Woods work is unbelievable magic on the course.

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@petethepothead maybe that was his sport….and u gone and picked on him….

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I like to play tennis and badminton on weekends. These two sports are my favorites.

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