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Do people who own halfway houses have specific names?

Asked by blobcakes (7points) 2 months ago

Are the owners of halfway houses called something (ex. doctor)

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Most halfway houses (for people in recovery or re-entering after incarceration) are owned and operated by non-profit organizations, not individuals.

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@dabbler Not far from where I live, there’s a proprietary halfway house for alcoholic men. The place has a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy; if a resident touches alcohol, even once, he’s tossed onto the street. This isn’t rehabilitation in any way or manner. Of course a recovering addict will stumble and falter; a new life is a process, not something that’s found at 2:00 pm on Tuesday. The entire purpose of this facility is to collect insurance and government payments, not to help anyone.

One of those men was a hairdresser at my beauty shop, also in the neighborhood. He was a terrific guy, had job skills, worked hard, and wanted to recover. He drank once and had to join the homeless population. Nice…

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