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Are there any good German comedies?

Asked by filmfann (48388points) April 20th, 2017

I recently watched the film “Sissi”, which was painfully unfunny. It caused me to stop and try to think of any funny films from Germany.
Are there any, and if not, why?

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I know you are the movie person. I am the TV person. There is no funny German TV. None. Not hyperbole. There is literally no funny German TV shows.

To make up for this I will link to this

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^^ i haven’t checked but there must be people who love to watch comedy shows as well in Germany?

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I really don’t know wth is wrong with german people. I have literally never met one with a sense of humor.

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German people do like funny tv. They just torrent Peep Show and WILTY.

I am a expert on this subject. There are no funny people in Germany. And as a result there is no funny TV from Germany.

Again. I watch a lot of TV from all over the world. There is no funny TV from Germany. Look, I watch so much tv from other countries I know what “Lost In Pronunciation” is. Episodes are 7 minutes long but it is pretty good.

To expand on my point that Germany has no funny TV. I have watched so much TV I have become proficient in Korean. But I still can’t find a funny show from Germany.

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How much TV do you watch, John?

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Well. There is this.

Note that number in the upper left. First image is 7311. Second image is 9740.

I have watched a good chunk of those. I watch a fuckton of TV from all over the world. And I will stand by my claim that no funny tv has ever came out of Germany.

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We are each others antithesis. I watch no TV. None. Nothing. Zero. I haven’t watched for many years.

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TV is fantastic ir you pirate it right. I haven’t seen a commercial in a decade.

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^^ That’s incredible..)

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The writing of the shows is mostly lousy. They are too formulaic, and I can tell you exactly what’s going to happen in the first 5 minutes. It’s boring.

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There are comedic moments in Goodbye Lenin. I rated it a 7/10.

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Coming to Merkel

Eddie Murphy fucks Angela, more of a horror comedy really.

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On or inside.

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I forgot about Goodbye Lenin. That was funny.

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Thanks everyone. Netflix is now sending me Goodbye Lenin. Hopefully more suggestions will be forthcoming.

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What about Martina Hill ?

An IMDB search for German comedies shows 9,922 titles, but is full of films that aren’t culturally German and I wonder why they appear. But some of them do look entirely German.

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We’ve got a com├ędien in the U.K. called Henning Wehn. He’s German and very funny. Why is he working here when there seems to be a dearth of funny people in Germany?

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I grew up in a Jewish household in the ‘40s, and to the best of memory we never found anything German especially amusing. But we were all movie lovers, and I do recall roaring while watching one of cinema’s great comedy-commentaries, Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” in which Charlie’s tramp doubles as Hitler.

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Just watched Goodbye Lenin.
Not really a comedy. I might have laughed once.

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Yeah, it’s listed as a comedy, but I found it to be a stretch as well.

Apparently, Germans appreciate the British short comedy Dinner for One as it is aired every New Year’s Eve. It’s available on YouTube.

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