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TV/VCR combo shuts off with no tape inside?

Asked by nightwolf5 (460points) April 21st, 2017

In the bedroom I have an old Philips tv/vcr combo. Works fine except this one issue. If you play a tape. rewind and eject it. once the tape is out and you want to just watch TV, you can’t. It shuts off the TV with no tape in the VCR after some seconds. As long as there’s a stopped tape inside you can watch, but it shouldn’t do this shut off thing just because of no tape. It’s got to be something with the VCR part of it, or I’m not sure if somehow something got changed on the set. Anything I can do to fix this? I don’t quite understand. I like old electronics, and like this for the bedroom.

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If you don’t have a manual, I bet you can find one on line.

If you don;t have a tape inside it, and turn on the power, does it work then? A lot of old VCRs’ had auto power settings so that tapes wouldn’t get ruined.

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Sounds like “we know what you want” design. (It might’ve been designed that way with the idea people would rather it do that than stay on or make them wait for it to finish ejecting before being able to turn it off. Or it might be dumb design, or broken. It might possibly also be an optional setting you can change somewhere.)

Can you just turn it back on after it turns itself off on ejection?

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