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What are your favorite podcasts?

Asked by canidmajor (13731points) April 21st, 2017

I’m considering putting my toe a little deeper into the 21st century as I keep hearing people recommending podcasts. Pretty sure I can figure out how to access these magical things with help from real-life persons, but I’d love to know which ones the people here think are worth listening to, do you have a subscription, all those questions!

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I have been listening to the twice weekly WTF podcast since 2010. Marc Maron has conversations with comedians, actors, musicians, artists. His most widely listened to podcast was a conversation with President Obama.

I listen to the Writer’s Almanac every morning as I walk to work Garrison Keillor tells a bit of literary trivia followed by a poem, they are 5½ minutes long.

And I like Stuff You Missed in History Class, and History Extra.

The New Yorker Radio Hour is a nice mix of literary discussions, politics, and humor.

A fun one is Ask Me Another, which is a replay of an NPR radio game show that is based on puzzles and wordplay.

And my newest delight is Sawbones, a bit of a look into the weird things of medical history.

I listen to quite a few as I walk (I walk a lot) and also as I drive, which includes two 40 minute drives every week.

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Serial (I’ve only listened to season 1)

S-Town (not done with the season yet, but it’s great so far)

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Try searching for spoken word on YouTube. I’m a storyteller. Spoken word is storytelling.

And if you’re brave enough, watch this one.

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“Previously Recorded Live”, and The Nerd Crew.

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Aaron Cleary… consulting. He’s right wing and swears a lot.

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Thanks, people, I’ll look into these!

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NPR Only a Game
KCRW Left, Right, and Center
The Show About Science
The Infinite Monkey Cage
Scott Sigler Audiobooks
Escape Pod

For starters

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I love Invisibilia, Reply All, and Planet Money!

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