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Have they detected electromagnetic energy beyond the gamma spectrum?

Asked by Brian_Ghilliotti (328points) April 23rd, 2017 from iPhone

Have they detected electromagnetic energy beyond the gamma spectrum? What about electromagnetic energy beyond the radio spectrum?

Brian Ghilliotti

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The answer rests on technical definitions, but I believe both radio and gamma are defined as EM beyond a certain frequency, with no limits on the extreme ends. So there’s no such thing. The spectra of EM radiation are just ranges of frequency values, and the end categories have no end value.

But the frequency value of EM can be anything, in theory and perhaps even in practice. In practice, there are some limits to what there is any point in trying to use or measure, however, and whether there is any meaningful information to detect by trying.

Unless one is talking about the lowest used/defined radio band. I think the lowest ELF band is defined as something like 3 Hz.

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Gravity waves? Dude…...

@Brian Ghilliotti…. I love your questions. Lurve Lurve Lurve.

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Gravity waves are something completely new and aren’t part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The shortest gamma ray wavelength might be limited by the Planck length.

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