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How important to you are "First World" problems?

Asked by josie (30931points) April 23rd, 2017

They seem like nonsense to me.

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Define First World problems.

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I think Maslow’s Heirarchy was pretty accurate. When you don’t have your basic needs met you can’t focus on achieving, or even wanting the needs at the top. The top stuff is fairly equivalent to first world problems I think.

I live in a “first world” country, and I have enough money to meet my basic needs, and some extra money so I can do and buy additional things. A lot of it has to do with money (which sucks) and then other factors are availability.

Most first world luxuries I could do without if I had to, but it depends how narrowly you define first world. I can get pretty annoyed when my laptop crashes. I make my living using my laptop. If I made my living farming the land I wouldn’t be so frustrated when my laptop crashes. Although, if I lost a bunch of photos I would be upset, but not so upset I would be traumatized for weeks, if just be very unhappy about it.

Not to mention I think health care and healthy living conditions should automatically be a part of the first world, and they aren’t in America. We have clean drinking water in most of the country, so that’s a plus, but we don’t have health care available for all. That’s a problem I’m very concerned about, is that a first world problem? Affording healthcare is very much on my mind as my COBRA is running out.

I can think about both at once. Basic needs and first world needs.

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I consider myself fortunate to have first world problems.
They are both irritating and amusing.

Darn it! Pandora is down and the bank pay-by-smartphone app won’t accept my token!

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I think it’s often a “first world problem” if it is happening to you and a major PIA if it is happening to me so it’s not a term I find very useful. However, I do try to be aware of how much ease I have and be grateful for it.

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My mother is retiring and everything is paid for and she’ll have a good pension etc. but she’s worried that she won’t know what to do with herself if she stops working.
To me that’s a “First world problem.”
I told her if she doesn’t want her retirement I’ll take it.
I’ll quit my job and live off her pension and go travel while she can happily go to work for me.
I think she gets my point and is gonna start planning to live her life to the fullest during her retirement.
In other countries retirement is not an option, you have to work everyday just to have fresh water and a little food.

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First world problems don’t bother me at all. They are funny at best and a bit annoying at worst.

But I don’t see importance in them. Most of those are quite non-issues.

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