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What's your favorite Lily Allen song?

Asked by Comedian (1123points) August 9th, 2008

Mine is “Knock ‘em Out”

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I never really took to her music but I do love the video to the song Alfie it is one of the funnist I have seen in a long time

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My favorite Lily Allen is Everythings Just Wonderful. It reminds of a nice elevator song, but it has real substance to it. I really like the song, I rank it 3rd in the album.

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“Everything’s Just Wonderful”

We all have those days when nothing seems to go right, and this one is often my theme song.

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comedian – I’m inferring from your name that there might be some irony on the question? I can’t be dealing with Lily Allen at all – very annoying.

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@kristian: I see no irony what so ever. I asked this question because I’m a huge Lily Allen(and Keith Allen(her father) fan. And if you don’t like her, then that is your choice.

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Definitely Alfie, but love the whole album really, not ashamed of that at all…

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Who the holy kapok is Lily Allen?

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She is a British pop singer

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@ MarshallO: When in doubt, Google.

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MrMeltedCrayon: I usually do—only I wouldn’t get to use my beloved “holy kapok”!

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What’s with this ”@” before someone’s name to whom you respond?

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Never mind—I figured it out, and NOT by using Google!

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I like her music. This song “Not Fair” is really good.

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