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Why would a dictionary not have the word orka, rarefied in it?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 24th, 2017

It’s one of those major (in the top 5) dictionaries, (paper not online) from a decade or so ago. So, why wouldn’t it have those words?

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Are you talking about ORCA Killer whales.

I find rarefied every where I look in dictionaries!

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Or okra?

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Orka the whale.

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It is spelled Orca – - @flo.

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oh Thanks for the correction.
Interesting. They spell it wrong here.
I don’t know where else I saw that spelling before..

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OK, but what is a rarefied orca?

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That video was posted by a Dutch. They, correctly, spell it Orka.

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Rarified, in this case, might mean a old, rare spelling of “orca.”

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Flip side of the coin. Years ago I noticed I had spelled a few words incorrectly in a document but my dictionary did not flag it.
Upon investigation I discovered my then 7 year old was adding words the spell checker had flagged because he “knew” his spelling was correct and they were wrong! Oy!

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Reminds me of that Microsoft? chat AI that they trained using the internet.
The web raised it to be a vile Neonazi.

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Yup @flo sounds like @LuckyGuy ‘s son was correcting the spellcheck.

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Ooops I posted the wrong tinyurl

@LuckyGuy This is when I wish English was a phonetic language.

Thanks everyone.

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@ragingloli You’re right, I see that a lot of the other images I clicked are not from English speaking countries.

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