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How would your ideal world look like?

Asked by Sneki95 (7012points) April 25th, 2017

If you had to imagine some perfect utopia, or something similar to “ideal world”, how would it look like?
How would people look and behave? What would government be like, of there was any?
What would you completely omit? What would you create or increase?

How would your ideal world look like, and do you think it could actually exist?

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There would be no religions of any kinds, and the human population would be no more that 500 million.
Government would be a form of Democratic Socialism.

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Everyone would know how to empathy and accept differences. And they would know how to keep their personal issues away from the problem at hand and learn to be objective to deliver argument and help each other reach the common goal.

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All countries would get along with each other and wealthy countries would help out poorer countries.

I wouldn’t have to work for a living. I might be able to volunteer if I wanted to, and have enough money to live and retire comfortably.

My mom would still be alive and my cats that have all passed away would still be alive, and we’d have a big piece of property (an estate) that my parents would live on, in their own house, I’d live on, and the cats and stray cats that have been screened for health issues would all live on, too.

Donald Trump would not be President.

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Hmm…this is a fun question.
I would take the current planet and do some trial and error type experimentations.
First I would kindly strip President Trump of all his worldly possessions and wealth and place him nicely in a third world country to survive with people who never had anything.
I’m sure Trump would do fantastic, incredible, huge things and be the best villager there ever was!!
I would do the same with Putin and Kim Jong.
Next I would eliminate borders for the hell of it, no need for border walls anymore.
I would adjust the climate so it was just right and I guess I would do away with guns, no need for anyone to be shot.
No more nukes, missles, crack, heroine etc.
I guess I would just play around with the planet until it was relatively peaceful and more balanced regarding wealth and access to resources and healthcare.
I would strive for global equality and have people moving around freely with 1 central government that would off course be appointed by me and subject to change at my discretion.

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It would look a lot like Earth, but with more love, wisdom, cooperation and symbiosis from the humanoids, and much less mental illness, greed, powermongering, destructive industry, deception, cynicism, and suffering.

Much more abundant flourishing natural ecosystems for non-humans. Much less pavement, industrial for-profit farming and pollution. No cruel farming practices or other animal abuse. Abundant oceans with no over-fishing.

Zero excessively large all-for-profit corporations.

Powermongers and greedmongers would be gently removed from whatever positions of power they had grasped themselves into, and would be kindly healed of the emotional crap that led to that. If people want to play such games, they can do so in virtual reality games about plunder, destruction and greed, which don’t have traumatic effects on real other beings.

Education would be about finding and following everyone’s natural genius and passions and interests. Work would be about applying them.

People’s needs would be provided for. No one would need fear exclusion, exile, homelessness, healthcare, shame or whatever for their choices about what to do with themselves.

Struggling and suffering people would get help from wise talented healers who love to heal people.

A great way to effectively repel mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, horse flies, etc.

People would look how they authentically chose to look, without being overly judged for it.

People would behave according to their natural healthy authentic nature, which generally tends to be pretty loving and appreciative.

There would not be giant for-profit media companies inciting youth to selfish Narcissistic overly competitive insensitive behavior, etc.

Government would be helpful and address needs while not entangling in power struggles or corruption. The wise healers would be sent in to untangle any nasty behavior as it started to develop. At high levels, government would be more akin to councils of wise tribal elders representing all living things and places. At low levels, government agents would behave more like firefighters and paramedics than like riot police.

The environment would be carefully observed and studied and human activity would be guided to be appropriate to the healthy sustainable flourishing of all species.

There would be many nations and states with different cultures. If someone felt the laws or cultures where they lived did not suit them, they would tend to look for where there was a better fit and move there.

Dysfunctional families with suffering members would receive attention from wise healers, and abusers would be removed and healed, and victims allowed to leave. There would be as little misogyny and abuse as possible. By developing culture and training more and more wise healers and including emotional development as part of education for everyone, most such problems should be far less common, and their detection and healthy attention to heal them would be much more common. This and other social and economic changes would also tend to naturally disappear the power/greed-mongering adults, violent crime, gangs, mafia, warmongers, etc.

It could totally exist. This is the vision of the future that I see emerging, if we manage to survive the horribly backward state we’re in now and the gag reflex we’re inducing in our planet in the form of global climate change and other natural cascading effects of environmental destruction, societal mental illness, and powermongering.

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Simple Greed would be declared illegal ,ambition would be OK but not greed.

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It is the planet Earth 35,000 years ago but without coal, oil or metals.

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Everyone would be beautiful and happy, there would be no injustice or bad people

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