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Do eyes change color due to emotional states?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34066points) April 25th, 2017


I’m not sure what to think. Can eyes change color due to a change in emotional state? Is there more evidence?

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A woman I was with used to tell me that my eye’s were really blue sometimes and that I must be happy today?
I think it was just because I was facing a window and more light was reflecting off of them, but I didn’t tell her that.
I liked her thinking that I was special or something. : )

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My dad told me that my eyes turn brown when I have to pee. Fooled me for a while. As far as I know eyes can’t turn color.

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My dad says my mom’s eyes turn green when she’s angry, but I don’t recommend believing everything my father says…

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When I was small my mother said that my eyes would always turn “black” when I was angry. I think she meant that the iris actually changed color, but it’s possible that my eyes just dilated and looked darker.

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I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it on more than one person.

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No. Eye color is due to pigment in the iris. Your eyes are not chameleons.

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^Thank you.

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Eye color can appear to change, not only from the lighting where one is, but also depending on what color clothing one is wearing.

I once had a bright turquoise blue shirt I picked up for a costume party. It was an ugly shirt, but whenever I wore it, people would comment on how striking my eyes were.

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Well, I don’t know about changing due to emotions but my 4 year old grand daughters appear to be slowly changing from a brilliant blue to a green. I don’t understand it.
I think what people are referring to are the emotions they feel when looking at someone who is angry or happy. We just associate those emotions with colors.

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I have seen brown go silver gray, and back. Lighting, really?

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Sometimes lighting, yes, of course. Gosh, when a thunderstorm is brewing here, the air turns yellow. Some times it gets so yellow that the green stop lights look blue.

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Only in novels.

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I think, as a person with green-blue eyes, that in some cases eyes might appear to change color based on things like increased or reduced redness in the eyes and skin. For example, when I have been crying, my eyes look bright green. It’s not likely to be because my eye color changes, but rather because the increased ruddiness in my skin makes the green tones in my eyes appear more vibrant. Anecdotal stories about peoples eyes changing with their moods have never struck me as being evidence based.

@Dutchess_III when I was a little girl I had very bright blue eyes and as an adult I have “green” eyes (I have grey-blue eyes with brown central heterochromia, most people call them green.)

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I have noticed this occasionally with some people but whether it is an objective measurable change I don’t know.

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That’s the key. Is it objectively measureable?

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