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Are you nice to people when they are struggling?

Asked by Becca543 (281points) April 25th, 2017

If you have a chance to help someone up, do you or do you kick them while they’re down?

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Oh, I’m a firm believer in kicking someone when they’re down. ~

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I will follow this question simply because I want to see if anyone will state they enjoy kicking people when they’re down.

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Me, too, @Hawaii_Jake. Although the Penguin has started with a pretty tough stance.

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Yeah @Hawaii_Jake didn’t you read that I do?

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Brings me great pleasure to knock walkers out of old people’s hands.~

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I’m taking names for a report.

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What y’all don’t enjoy rolling drunks?
I hate to see people feed off those in peril or worse have fake sympathy for them.

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i encourage my dogs to steal the tennis balls off of walkers.

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I got nuthin’.
I’m so down there is nobody for me to kick.

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The “details” part keeps me from a black and white answer. The question insinuates that there is no middle ground…

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It’s always safest to kick people when they’re down, if you’re of a mind to kick them anyway, because then it takes longer for them to get up and chase you.

I thought everyone knew that.

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99% of the time. There’s always an undeserving asshole.

I’m watching Trailer Park Boys for the first time and I almost teared up when Bubble’s shed burned down. I wanted to hug him.

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Try to but sometimes my own sh*tn gets in the way.

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How about trying to kick so hard in their butt that they come flying out instead of having to get up by themselves? ~

Strange. I have a feeling that everyone here knows the context better than me…

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Are those the only two options?

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The immediate impulse is not to kick people who are struggling.
It’s always a struggle to resist the very prudent choice to put as much distance between stuggling people and yourself as you can manage. My own reaction is usually one of irritation at being ambushed. Because once you are confronted by suffering, you don’t really have a choice. You’re gonna pay one way or another.

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I never kick someone who is down. They might get back up. I play safe and shoot them.

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Some people LOVE to be down. They think down is the safest place because they can’t fall any further. If they tried to get up, they might fall again, so staying down is their favourite place. I leave those folks alone, for the most part. I might try some verbal encouragement, then some tough love.. but when I start to hear the whiny excuses, I think to myself, ‘I have a full time job keeping MYSELF going, so I don’t really have time for this.’ No kicking… just a pat pat on the head and a quick walk away, because I have to save myself these days.

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Not particularly. I don’t have a blanket policy of “someone’s hurting so I will be nice to them”. That’s sort of silly.

The intelligent thing to do is to react to what is given or offered. If someone’s down (whatever that is), I’ll treat that person the same as if he were “up” and see where it goes.

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Does firing the chef then fucking his wife count?
No wait, his sister was filming it too…shit, that’s pretty bad.

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I try to be nice to all people until they do something to deserve me not being nice to them any more. I’m not a doormat but I try to be kind, respectful, reciprocal.

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I think very few people would admit to it, but let’s be real, it’s not hard to see people kicking each other when they’re down every day. People find reasons to justify it to themselves and then turn around and say they would never do such a thing.

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