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How safe is Staten Island?

Asked by longgone (18298points) April 26th, 2017

Need some trusted opinions.

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I was born there and lived there until I was ten.

So, it’s been about 20 years for me.

There are nice parts and less-nice parts. I lived in Tottenville, my grandma lived in Eltingville.

I’d move back to Eltingville in a second.

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The majority of NYPD and NYFD lives in Staten Island.

Like any place, there are safe areas and areas you should avoid. There are huge mansions in some areas. Much of what I see of Staten Island is scrubby looking and not the most elegant.

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^ can confirm. My dad was NYPD.

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Thanks everyone. Any info on North Shore?

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That’s where Method Man from the Wu Tang Clan is from.

It’s my limited understanding that the North shore is a bit rougher.

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