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What user has the most lurve?

Asked by SergeantQueen (9094points) April 27th, 2017

Is there a user that has more lurve than anyone else? If so, who is it, and how much do they have?

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The zen accounts must add up to a high amount. Don’t know if he is still in the tide pool.

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I don’t think he is @RedDeerGuy1, which is sad. Zen is such a sweetie. I do think it’s easier to get the first 10 thousand lurve points. As you are here for longer, the long-term members have maxed out on you and so even if you are getting good answers, you aren’t acquiring any lurve points. Such high numbers also represent a significant contribution to the community.

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Wundayatta was cheating though so his doesn’t count.

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He wasn’t banned until he had well over 50K, so he might not have been cheating at the time of the screenshot.

Besides, I meant the image as a pictorial representation of a statistical singularity and as a historical capture, not as a validation of his accumulated lurve.

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how did he cheat?

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I read that he used an extra account to lurve his main one. I.e., he lurved himself.

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How did he get caught? Unless you have some mechanism it’s difficult to find it out.

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The mods caught him. And I don’t think it was just one extra account.

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^^ Yup.. that’s what I was going to say as well. Must be having multiple fake accounts to reach that score.

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