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If I hide the Navigation Toolbar of Firefox 3 on OS X, the Cmd-D (keyboard shortcut to bookmark) does not work. Any solutions?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) August 9th, 2008

These keyboard shortcuts work:
Cmd-L for URLs
Cmd-K to Google something
Cmd-[ and Cmd-] to go back and forward
and Cmd-Alt-Left/Right arrow keys to switch tabs

Hiding that toolbar increases the browser window and forces me to use keyboard shortcuts – much more efficient!

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I just tested this, and I can’t replicate the problem. It works just fine for me. Perhaps there’s some other variable at work?

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hmm maybe.. thanks for testing though
I will play around with settings a bit more.

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Try re-installing Firefox.

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Anaphase’s response jogged my brain a bit:

You could try re-installing, but with Firefox, you’re more likely to have a corrupted profile than a corrupted installation. You could try starting Firefox in safe mode, or even just start with a clean profile.

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