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What is the full name of the science communicator whose last name ends with achy?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 27th, 2017

So, she’s not a scientist, she just happens to be a reporter or a blogger who happens to be well versed in that area partly because her father is/was a scientist. I don’t know if there could be more than one science communicator with the that description.

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Can you possibly give more information? I’ve been looking for almost 10 minutes and I can’t find anything.

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@SergeantQueen If I had more info I would have given it. Thanks for trying.

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Where do you see or read her reports? And what type is science does she report on? Biology, nutrition, medicine, electronics, astrophysics?

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I asked Google list of science communicators in America (I think she’s from America)
But it looks like they are actual scientists.

I don’t know if knowing the last 4 letters of the last name helps to search here.

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@zenvelo I have no idea what she reports on specifically. I’ve no more info, other than she is on here (and there) in media in general. Edited.

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^^ How did you get this info then and why so curious about her?

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