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Do you hear anyone suggesting students not start working until they're 25 or so?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 28th, 2017

If so, do they give as the reason “that they need to enjoy their youth”? And why would that make sense to them? Wouldn’t anyone of any age want to sit back and have a permanent vacation if they could?

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Never heard of that, so useless.
If you finish college, you better start working asap.

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I never heard that either. How about nobody start going to the gym and eating right, until the age of 35 or so. because people should just be enjoying life with their family. I never heard that.

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No. I’ve not heard this suggested.

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How about if you take a driving school does anyone shay _You shouln’t study the drivers book, you shouldn’t practice with your…(whoever helps you to learn how to drive other than your teacher in the school) you should just try and remember what you learned in the class, and that’s it.

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Is there a point to this?

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@flo, if you “never heard that”, where are you getting these ideas?

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I’ve only heard of people going right to work, or trying to, after college graduation. 25 is no longer “child hood.”

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There have been a number of semi-serious proposals to self-limit the domestic work force, from encouraging seniors to retire early (or “earlier”), having students attend college longer and that way delay entry into the work force, and to limit “normal” hours of work in the same way that France has arbitrarily reduced the standard work week from the normal 40 hours that Americans are used to, to something under 36 (maybe even lower than that by now).

The stated purpose, of course, is for people to enjoy life more – and spend more of their accumulated wealth (or their parents’ wealth, as may be). But the actual purpose of such proposals is to limit the available labor pool and in that way drive up wages. At least that is one hope of some who make such proposals.

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Yes, in the context of getting 6–8 years of college education. 4 years to get general education and try a variety of fields before committing to a field for post-graduate studies.

Not that serious study at a university isn’t work.

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My Dad got me a job on my birthday, as soon as I was legal.

The damn day of…

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It is total bs if someone is suggesting not to work till 25/30.

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I still don’t get the point of this question since the OP hasn’t heard anyone say that.

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Ok, to try and answer this seriously: Let’s say the average student graduates from college at 22 or 23. How are they going to live for the next 3 or 4 years? Where would they live? How would they secure a car or some form of transportation? Pay for the gas and up keep of said vehicle? Pay for food, utilities, all of that? WHAT ABOUT MONEY TO PARTY WITH?? And would public soap dispensers work for them if they’re homeless?
Please answer @flo. please please please please. PLEASE.

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So, we agree that it’s ridiculous to suggest that people not start doing all the things I listed in my 3 post above (if everyone read my last 2 posts) Ok. Good.

So, what comes to mind when you hear:
“They (group of people )shouldn’t have….because of that they are losing enjoyment of their *...hood…quality time with their family”

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^ Bullshit.You can do a lot of fun things and still have time for your family.

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Is this just “throw out crazy thoughts and ask if anybody has ever heard of each one of them?”

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Yes, I totally lost all enjoyment with my family when I became a mother. I had responsibility then, and you can’t be responsible for little people and enjoy them at the same time. It’s impossible. I’m super down and out now that I have 10 grandkids. Every moment I spend with them is sheer drudgery.

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How about till the age 14 or so? i.e that they shoudn’t do any of the things that preprare them for life…? They don’t word it that way though.

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1. If Simone Biles were my daughter, she wouldn’t be an Olympic gold medalist. She would not. My children each have one activity that they go to once/twice per week and that alone drains me. 7AM Saturday morning gymnastics lessons? (F***)outta here. If Simone Biles were mine she’d be on an iPad somewhere eating macaroni and cheese out of a Tupperware.”
How about that?

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That’s one person’s opinion. As a parent, she’s entitled to not support anything she doesn’t want to.
My daughter had gymnastics 4 times a week and yes, on Saturday morning too. She loved it. We spent a lot of money on that, and for out of town meets.

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@zenvelo‘s question. ”@flo, if you “never heard that”, where are you getting these ideas?” I got the idea from “kids should only go by what they memorized the teacher said in class and classwork. and not do any homework at all, because they need their childhood for fun things, ...”* side including

I didn’t get it from:
Not from
or from

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What does children not doing homework have to do with adults?

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@flo I have to say your mind makes some odd leaps.

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WHAT starts with cleaning up toys???

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To throw a spanner in the works, I have heard of someone recently saying something like this.

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Which would be fine if that were referenced in the OP, or mentions somewhere that this is where the ideas come from.

I think she’s under the impression we all see the same internet she does all the time. Her questions always seem to come from halfway through a thought.

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“You have plenty of time to figure out how to be successful in the workplace, so I think obsession with graduate employment within six months is unhelpful.” Mary Curnock Cook

Aren’t university graduates finding it hard enough to find a job already though without waiting around for six months? I guess it’s not the case in the UK? I don’t know.

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That Mary person obviously has always had someone to turn to and / or lots of money.

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