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What are your thoughts on the horribly botched drug bust of the Maryland mayor?

Asked by Stocky (989points) August 9th, 2008

I am especially disgusted by the shooting of the dog that was attempting to flee. What a joke

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eghhhhhhh Its nice to see the War on Drugs going so smoothly.


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That is disgusting and sickening.

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Maybe they thought the dog was running to flush the drugs down the toilet?

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This guy was the mayor for fuck’s sake. Anyone ever heard of an investigation? Keystone cops is right.

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For fucks sake! Seriously? What the hell? The dog????

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There were 2 dogs you should see the picture they were beautiful

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I’m from Maryland…hanging head in shame

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on the brightside (!?!) they didn’t kill the mayor or his wife.

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I think that since we are moving towards a complete surveillance state, the bright side is it shouldn’t happen anymore once we get there.

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“Big Brother”

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That is ridiculous.
There was a similar situation with Prince George’s county in late 2007.
The police shot a innocent couple’s dog while they were holding them hostage in their home. Turns out they had the wrong house.

I’m glad I don’t live in that part of Maryland.

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Damn cops just wanting to use their shiny guns.

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Appalling.You wold think they would flag the mayor’s house in the database.

In general, they need to exercise a little more care in planning these things. Lost lives are not something that can be fixed.

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