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If you were stranded on a desert island and you had to choose between soap, tooth paste or toliet paper, what would you choose?

Asked by Edgarex86 (110points) August 9th, 2008

My Girlfriend and I were wondering about one of the basic questions in any survival scenario.

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Soap. You can wash everything with soap, including your body, teeth, and ass.

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Toothpaste! I can deal with being dirty and not wiping myself, but having a bad taste in my mouth would be the worst!

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Wow! hmmm….they all run out, but I’m guessing, that the soap could last a little longer.

I have to go with soap.

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Soap. I could take care of the rest in the handy-dandy ocean.

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Im going with the toilet paper. Knowing my dumb ass id whip with poison ivy or something. FUCK THAT.

i can clean myself in the ocean and well my teeth are probably the least of my concerns if im stranded on a desert island.

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I think a good soap would the be most important. It would have the best chance to fight off bacteria and infectious things.

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I’ll take the toothpaste. I’m going to get dirty anyway, but I can always wash in the ocean.

People have survived for thousands of years without soap, toilet paper, or toothpaste, but until recently, they lost half their teeth before they were twenty.

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Bad teeth = major pain. I’m going with toothpaste.

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Yay for you toothpaste people! I thought I was going to be alone on that one.

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soap it up.

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Yep toothpaste definitely. A day without brushing your teeth is agony but you will always stay clean and scrubbed with salt water from the sea.

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I was going to go for the soap at first, because I like being clean, but I am now convinced. Toothpaste, as I wouldn’t survive long with bad teeth.

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in the words of GK Chesterton I’d like a practical guide to boat building please

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@Lightlyseared – G.K. Chesterton might just be my favorite wordsmith of all-time.

I’d go with toilet paper, perhaps it would be useful in helping me start a fire as well. I don’t know if I would need it to wipe with, but it might be a handy resource.

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Since I’m stranded, what difference would it make if I had bad breath or smelled (I could always dip in the ocean)? I’d opt for a LIFETIME supply of toilet paper.

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Unless all you were eating was fruit and you never made any attempt to chew on a natural cleaner… Teeth would be fine on there own. Remember, we survived fine until corn without it.

I would pick soap. Basic antibacterial soap can stave off infection,parasites and wash food thoroughly. I would probably only use it for wounds. My immune system could probably cope otherwise with the rest. Open wounds would be the big problem. . And if i managed to cook the food, I wouldn’t have to worry about washing it.

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Fro me toothpaste, if I could have enough of it. I would empty all of the tubes, blow air into them and make them into a raft and float away!

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Toothpaste. There are plenty of natural solutions for soap and wiping. I can’t stand my teeth to feel all mungy and if I lost all my teeth, eating would be a chore.

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Soap. Everything gets clean with soap.

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To those of you who say you can clean anything with soap, would you really use soap to clean your teeth????????????????????????????????????????????????

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If I had to, I would. :)

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I would choose your girlfriend

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All this toothpaste you guys want is not going to work well without a toothbrush. What are you going to do with the toothpaste? Put it on a stick and scrub them bicuspids.

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Actually, lots of woods are fibrous and can be shredded to be brush like.

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@ Allengreen..nice, you can take her! lol but you still have to choose what you would bring.

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ok, toliet paper, and the lady

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Lol, that is a deal sir.

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It comes in a metal(ish) tube, so not only when you come out of the forest with some pearly whites, you’ll also be saved by ripping it apart and making a reflector out of it and being saved from the middle of nowhere using a basic tool that has saved millions of people, and one of the first few things scouts or any military person is trained… the use of a mirror!

what do i win?

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Do we actually know that our teeth would fall out without toothpaste? Or would a brush made out of shredded wood be enough? Because if simple brushing would suffice, I agree with Del – antibacterial soap would be far more important.

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In Bali I learned that washing your butt with water and a hand is in fact not a problem
once you give it a try. Yes, you can keep your teeth clean with a twig. You just have to
know it’s a good idea. Soap! Yay! Feels good! It has to be antibacterial and you have to
have bales of it and each soap must be wrapped in a great deal of paper so that you can
start fires. Yay! I’m sure I win.

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@susanc—remind me not to shake your hand at the fluther christmas party

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@susanc, what says it would come in a box? :)

Even if it did that’s only one box, that isn’t much for a fire, good kindle I suppose?

Lucky for us who chose the toothpaste, nothing would happen if it were to rain! if you had the box it’d be ruined, and same with toilet paper :p

Ahh lets see what else, if you were to take apart the toothpaste thing you could possibly render up some kind of mirror and be able to start fires by that, or make some kind of concave mirror to make a fire, can’t do that with soap or toilet paper now can ya?

Plus, if you get hungry.. you can eat toothpaste, not much nutritional value, but at least you can swallow it, soap is kinda hard to get down! Toilet paper, well.. at least you’re getting your fiber! (LOL! then you have something to use your toilet paper for HAHA!)

toothpaste wins!

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@xcn – please read my instruction to the person leaving the soap/toothpaste/t.p. -
“bales” of it.

“Who says it would come in a box?” Me, of course. This is fantasy, you know.

Bales of soaps all wrapped in lovely paper! Plenty of soap, plenty of paper. Let me be more specific: tissue paper, surrounded by glazed paper, with a fancy silvery seal on each bar – a seal that you could use, all weegered together with the other seals, to create a nice mirrorish thing for attracting passing airplanes.

You could use the tissue paper for toilet paper if you really like toilet paper. No problem here. But remember all the people of the “third” world who find it shocking that western people smear poo off their bottoms (leaving plenty behind) with paper which then has to be put somewhere. Ew. Better to wash, perhaps, in the beautiful ocean which can handle it fine.

People who can’t get their teeth clean without a minty/sugary substances are weenies, though. Use the shredded end of that palm frond over there. Get it into the crevices.
Mmm, clean.

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p.s. Remind me to alert all the people in Indonesia that allengreen
would not be glad to meet them, since they are bottom-washers instead of bottom-wipers like himself. Or is the word “ass-wipers”? something like that? I forget.

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Soap. Multiple uses if necessary.

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@XCNuse: You shouldnt eat toothpaste.

“Q: My child likes to eat his/her toothpaste. Is this dangerous?
A: The active ingredient in toothpaste is fluoride. There is not enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to cause serious toxicity. However, ingesting large amounts of toothpaste over a prolonged period of time can result in nausea and vomiting.” From here

@susanc: You’re the winner in my book. And yes, some people are constantly proving themselves to be “ass-wipers”.

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Ha ha breedmitch. If they put me on a desert island I hope they give me lots of soap and some way to hang out with You. I’m sure we would be rescued in a jiffy, because they would miss us. And because we would be clean and tidy, and therefore pleasant to ride in a small plane with, after our ordeal.

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So you’re saying that yall would rather be clean (if you can get to any water in the first place, just because it is an island means water is nearby!)
than possibly having a higher chance of using tactics to be saved?

@breed, i’m sure its a whole lot better than eating a bar of soap! lol

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@XCNuse: The very definition of island implies there is water very nearby. Perhaps you mean freshwater? You don’t eat the soap, silly. You clean things with it, including your makeshift pots and pans. It’s about avoiding disease.

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Yes but we all know what happens if you don’t thuroughly clean your pots and pans with soap.. you get the shits!
Then you’d die :)
And the toothpaste man next to you would laugh and say told you so.

Oh common there are plenty of islands that water isn’t very nearby, Australia is an island, what if you were stuck out in the desert? Then what, what use would soap have?

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You’re right. I hear island and think of the beach.
If I were stuck in the middle of an island as large as Australia. I’d better start making my way to the shore where some boat could rescue me.

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Well here is my answer straight from the horse’s mouth. I would take the toilet paper. Soap and toothpaste need water and who wants to brush their teeth with salt water. Soap is a close second, but I mean toilet paper is more necessary to maintain proper hygiene. It also makes you feel normal and civilized and it keeps you from going crazy. Sometimes we need something routine to hang on to. SO i would take toilet paper.

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@sweet_one, what is your justification for your answer?

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@edge, you don’t have to have water to use toothpaste..

Plus it isn’t just toothpaste, it’s the entire container, you can use that too, I can’t imagine you’ll find much use out of a cardboard box or a cardboard tube

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