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What would happen if your DNA were to expand?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) May 1st, 2017

Each strand of DNA is 385 miles long. We have tons of strands of DNA equaling about 744 million miles. What would happen to you if all the DNA just expanded inside of you? Would you explode?

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Depends on how much it expands. A very small expansion, would probably just kill you quickly by massive organ failure.

I don’t know that the strands have enough mass to actually increase in size, like water when it freezes….

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Yes, you would explode in a gigantic orgasm.

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We’ll do a first order analysis here… The answer is – nothing.
Unless you can somehow change the density of DNA it will take up the same volume as it does when it is all coiled up. Our bodies are mostly sacks of salt water with a few bones for support and more or less fat thrown in for flavor. Think chicken gumbo. Any volume the straight DNA freed up took up would be filled in by the goo inside us we call protoplasm. The mass and volume would remain the same.
I’m sure there is a molecular reaction reason why DNA is coiled the way it is but we will ignore that. As I said before this is a first order analysis.

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