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What shows are you binge watching right now?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) May 1st, 2017

We just started watching Trailer Park Boys a week ago and we’re almost done with season 5. I can’t believe I never gave the show a chance until now. I love it.

We’re also watching Supernatural. We started watching this series last summer. We’re on season 7 now. What a great show. Our daughter got us hooked on this one.

What are you binge watching?

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Crash Course: Mythology.

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The Wire. I’ve never seen it.

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Once upon a time. Just started watching it awhile ago.
I was binging “13 reasons why” (Not as good as everyone says) just finished yesterday.

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Mozart in the Jungle. Fabulous.

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The Americans (season 5)
Just started yesterday

Before that we binged:
Grace & Frankie (season 2)
One Day at a Time (season 1)

I really want to get to Elementary before The Defenders drops on Netflix.

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(looking forward to “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” coming up real soon.

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We just finished the most recent seasons of Grace and FrankieKRIMhehOLs and Midsomer Murders.jpg

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Mr. Robot, Westworld, 30 Rock and I just finished Legion. All amazing shows!

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So good to see you @Blackberry :)

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@jonsblond Why thank you, you too. Took a break from the internet to play around in real life lol

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I just finished Bates Motel. Nothing left to binge watch now. I’m sure I’ll find something else soon.

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Me & my daughter are on series 2 of Bates Motel after re-watching all 3 series of Broadchurch.

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I just watched the last episodes of Broadchurch @ucme. It was great. Freddie Highmore is freaky as Norman Bates.

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For the first time in years, I’m actually waiting for new episodes of things.

Just finished Broadchurch series 3.

Current shows are Grey’s Anatomy, The White Princess, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every BBC costume drama Netflix has to offer. There might be a few episodes of Midsomer Murders I’ve not seen yet.

I’m tempted to start binging Inspector Morse because there’s a squillion episodes there.

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Finishing up Westworld. Love it. And I see that season 4 part 2 of Vikings just landed on hulu. 10 more episodes!

My favorite series was probably Breaking Bad. Sparticus, Wayward Pines, and The Strain get honorable mention.

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The Wire season 4

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Grace and Frankie (never saw it before) and Girls (new season).

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@Earthbound_Misfit Yeah I love Broadchurch, series 3 kept us guessing til the very end, came out of nowhere though, I definitely enjoyed the first series best.
Freddie is super creepy as Norman, you can feel him bottling up all that tension & hatred, don’t know if you know but he played the title role in Charlie & the Chocolate factory.
I absolutely love Vera Farmiga in it, was great in the Conjuring movies & well yeah, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed :)

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Does reruns of House Hunters count? Because I seem hooked on that show and watch the episodes even if I’ve seen them before.

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@chyna Yes. I do the same with that show and Fixer Upper. :)

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@chyna I love Househunters! I also love The Property Brothers, and Buying and Selling. Those brothers are super cute!

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Seek…. I did a thing for you. Later season are named funky and plex balked. I will clean up later. You know the drill. And MC AU is back on…. I’m liking this seasons(pun intended) cast.

Sadly I am not really marathoning anything. But I have been watching a lot of Come Dine With Me.

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I’m thinking of adopting some of those kids who can cook @johnpowell! Seriously! They are cooking machines!

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They are amazing. I want my mouth in the Golden Bowl….

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Or that tea dish. I was gobsmacked and so were the judges by the look of them when they tasted some of those meals. I wonder if it’s because these people have grown up with Masterchef and so have been inspired to be more creative and to really push the boat out in terms of their cooking. I liked George’s “At 18 I was learning to peel an onion!”

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Just started watching Broadchurch. Re-watching Luther.

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We just watched one today called Shetland. I highly recommend it.

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Oh I watched that too @Kardamom. I liked it too. I’ve just started watching a new one from Scotland called Loch Ness. Another is Hinterland set in Wales. They’ve all got that ‘noir’ feel to them that I love.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Oh goodie! More for my list! Those sound terrific : )

I noticed almost immediately, that the fellow, whose mother had been murdered, in the Shetland series, was the same actor who played the main ghillie in Monarch of the Glen, another excellent series. Alexander Morton

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Yay MasterChef!!!!

And thank you!!

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Did anyone else watch The Patriot series from Amazon?

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@stanleybmanly :: I did. It lost me a bit at the end. But I was getting a bit busy with work and I had it on in the background. Maybe I should rewatch the last few episodes. I had the same thing happen with Stranger Things.

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I do not watch any series now on TV. I do see some old ones on DVD. Now, a friend loaned me the complete series “Search” a spy series made in 1972. I also watch two different “Sheena” series. The old one from the 1950s stars Irish McCalla, and the new one from 2000–2002 stars Gina Lee Nolin. I like to watch “Martial Law” from 1998–2000 starring Sammo Hung and Kelly Hu.

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