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Would you live on another, comparable planet?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (18591points) May 3rd, 2017

Would you leave Earth?

Why,or why not?

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If there were another, comparable planet in every way (life, safety, beauty, etc.) I wouldn’t be willing to go since it would probably be an extremely long trip to get there and my family and friends would most likely not be going. So no, thank you.

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No. I would only send one person there because I want them not on the same planet as me anymore.

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There’s a lot of leeway in that word “comparable”. Change that word to identical minus 6 billion people, and I’d leave in a heartbeat.

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Only if I can have my own Firefly class ship.

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I might if there were a lot (!) less people. Like less than 500 million!!!
@stanleybmanly The population of the Earth was about 7.5 billion in 2007, and the population almost doubles every 20 years, so now there must be about 11¾ billion. Would you like to rephrase your answer??? Just curious…

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Now that would be worth traveling to see.
It would cool if there were different animals and different kinds of humans that we didn’t know existed and different foods and weather phenomenons and different systems and technologies.
If it were safe to travel to that planet and it was nicer and healthier to live there I might consider relocating expecially if world war 3 happens here.

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Are we safe from Trump there?

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No. I love my mom. She’s beautiful. Severely crippled, but still beautiful.

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Not me. This planet sucks, but it’s the only game in town. Now if you have a time machine, I could go for that. Go back into pre history and hang out with the Flintstones. That Barney, what a card!

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If my kids and family was there, and Trump wasn’t.

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No. Im an Earther. I would only go if Earth was permanently damaged and became a dump . ~ So five years in the future.

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I’m with @stanleybmanly Sure, I’d go if most of the other 7 billion hominids stayed here. haha

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~ or five years in the past?

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Hell no. You’ll never find me in a submarine or spaceship. I won’t even scuba dive. I’m terribly claustrophobic.

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I hope that we live long enough to make it happen, but no I have no interest in leaving my own planet. I don’t even really have any interest in leaving my own town.

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Sometimes I feel like I belong to another planet, a visitor to Earth.

But so far I enjoy my stay here.

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^I completely understand….

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You know, I wonder about loli.
Why would a space alien come here, hate it, and stay?

A planet could be comparable to Earth, and yet be very different. Suppose this other planet had a sun, atmosphere combination just slightly different. All color would be entirely different.
Suppose the atmosphere were not gaseous, but an oily mist high in oxygen, breatheable, but with a fluid residue. The inhabitants, of course would have gills, whereby the fluid would be excreted, but Earth humans would have to inhale, spit, inhale, spit. If the indigenous could excuse that, I would be okay to visit. The differences would be fascinating to explore.

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If it were a simple plane flight away (less than a day away) I would probably be willing to go. Since that’s fairly impossible, I guess not under most conditions. If earth became extremely dangerous then I might in a desperate attempt to live even if it was a longer trip. At that point I’m more of a refugee, and it’s not uncommon for refugees to make trips they never imagined they would.

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I suppose it’s not dissimilar to what my ancestors did, moving to new lands, taking over the world….

I’m not sure. I think I’ll stick to retiring to France.

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If it was Earth the way it was meant to be before human intervention spoiled it then maybe, only I am too old for that now.

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I’d be willing to, but I wouldn’t be chosen. I don’t have the physical characteristics necessary for colonization.

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Yes—if only to get away from Trump.

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You could be our spiritual advisor, @Seek.

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