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Would you boycott the Beijing olympics for the same reasons if they were hosted by an American city?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) August 10th, 2008 from iPhone

Or would you rather be a patriotic hypocrite? This isn’t an attack on the USA but rather a question for those who are boycotting the olympics for facts which are evident in many other countries, why do you all hate China so much?

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I’m not boycotting anyway. I watch the athletes, not to endorse China’s political regime.

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Because we can….

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Yes, I would boycott olympics if held in USA, for same reasons…why do you assume hate is the basis for anyone’s boycott? This says more about you than anyone else…

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why would you boycott the olympics if it were in America?

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Our human rights issues are not that grand either…

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okay…...and WTF does that have to do with the Olympics?

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The ones boycotting the Olympics are not seeing the point of them and how hard the athletes have worked to get there. Sad.

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The reason people are boycotting the Olympics are because first of all they are idiots, the Olympics should not EVER have politics, and politics are making their way into the Olympics which is f’ing retarded anyway, the Olympics is when we all get together as a world to compete for fun, people are boycotting because they are political snobs.

I hate politics and think that for the most part they are somewhat dumb, especially in today’s world it takes to much part in our lives and making the world a bad place.

If you don’t believe me, find your friend who is most interested in politics, and ask him or her if he/she is watching the Olympics, and chances are they aren’t because of politics.

sorry for the rant, but it’s for the most part true.

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hahahahahaha, you guys are funny with your irate, beating on the table responses. I said why I was doing it above….

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..and I said why I wasn’t.. above?

what are you saying?

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@bluemu: How much do you know about the Chinese invasion of Tibet in the ‘50s? Tibetan Buddhist monks were buried in the ground up to their necks, then run over by horses. Nuns were stripped naked and made to walk on all fours like animals, raped and beaten. All because they had a religious belief and the Communist Chinese didn’t allow it.

Educate yourself about this issue, all the information you need is out there. Unlike in China.

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EcNuse: I’m sorry you don’t understand. I’ve explained and I won’t degenerate into tit4tat or name calling. I wish you good things and hope you enjoy the Olympics. Really. PeaceOut!

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Sorry but your response just lacks much to be desired from a response, it’s a really empty answer, you aren’t saying much and leaves everything to be assumed, i’m not you thus i can’t know what you’re thinking.

What do our rights have to do with anything?
The Olympics has NOTHING to do with any nation, it has to do with all of us as humans on a planet together.
The nation is the only thing that separates one athlete from the other, but in the end we are all human, our nation’s rights has nothing to do with it, unless you live in whatever nation it was which removed the 4 women athletes moments before the ceremonies.
In which case that nation obviously will/has been receiving much hate for that in the first place.

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I don’t deny any of the horrific acts that China have enacted, but the Olympics is not the appropriate forum to be politically ‘boycotting’, my question is whether you would boycott the olympics in America. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of America’s human rights abuses? The Olympics should be a forum to remove all the preconceived notions and racial tensions between people and just enjoy the sport, the only time all the people of the world can have a common goal, why boycott that and stop the dialogue between countries from occurring?

It seems to me like people boycotting the olympics are doing so for some hyped up reason, groups love to vilify countries like China because they’re an easier target, why didn’t you boycott the olympics in Australia because of the stolen generation? Did you completely understand what happened, or did you not care because Australia is shown as a ‘good’ country?

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Sure, there are shades of grey everywhere. China just happens to be pretty near jet-black and has been for over 50 years with no sign of repentance.

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