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I install Firefox 3, now 2 out of 3 accounts on my computer are unable to open links in Outlook Pro 2007.

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 10th, 2008

On MY account I can, but the other 2 accounts are unable to open a link thru Outlook. I use XP SP2, I also have Norton.

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I can’t help you with an answer to your problem. But I can tell you I had a similar problem after installing FoxFire 3. Afterwards, my hyperlinks to email addresses would not bring up a black email. I have to now right click, go to properties, copy the email addy, then go to my mail program. And this is even after uninstalling FF3, system restore to a month before, and reinstalling the earlier FF. I’ll do FF3 again—but after the bugs have been worked out. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get my email hyperlinks to work within my browser.

I wrote FF, I posted on tech boards, no one has come up with a fix to my problem. Good luck with yours!

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I fixed it! I did a search on the net and found the problem seems to be when IE is NOT your default browser. So I went into the accounts (Control Panel, Internet Options, Programs, Make IE your default browser) and MADE IE my default browser. When I clicked on the link in an email, IE opened and all worked fine. Then I opened Firefox, got the message “Do you want to make Firefox your default browser?”, said yes, and now I not only CAN open the links in my Outlook emails but I keep my default browser as Firefox!

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Mr M,
Glad you found a fix. I went in and changed to IE making it my default. Then when I clicked on FF it DIDN’T ask me if I wanted to make it default and I still can’t get my hperlink emails to work! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….but glad your’s got fixed…

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When you made IE your default did it actually work that way, i.e., when you click on a link does IE open up? Sounds like that was NOT the case which is why FF didn’t ask (it was still the default).

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No, when I licked on an email link nothing happened. When I click on a hyperlink in my homepage to read another page, FF also comes up…I’ll have to look there must be another place to designate ‘default browser.’ Don’t know how this all came about with FF3, but now I’m afraid of it; plus I want to wait until my add-ons become FF3 friendly. Thanks Mr M!

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