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What is Wii Fit?

Asked by mamasu (1380points) August 10th, 2008

My husband just gave me a Wii for my birthday and included Wii Sports, Wii games and some other games. Someone suggested I get Wii Fit and I’m curious about what it is. If it appeals, is it something I can get just about anywhere? Does it require anything special with the system? I know nothing about video games, so my apologies if it seems like something most 7 year olds would know. :~)

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It’s like a workout disguised as a videogame. You get a disk and a balance board, which is a pressure sensitive pad. There are actual workouts for you to follow, ranging from strength training to yoga. In addition to the workouts, there are also minigames like skiing, hulahoop, tightrope walking and others. All in all, it’s a lot of fun!

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I can’t find one, but my doctor recommended it for fitness. I do a tread and bike and he said this would be a good addition.

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It WILL make you sweat. I like the fact that it even weighs you, wirelessly and accurately. I use it on top of a rug and it still works fine.

As you improve, you can access games you otherwise could not.

One of the local television station celebrities ran a feature on it and he lost ten pounds over a period of 4 weeks of exercise. And it is superb for couch potatoes who spend all day watching television or playing regular video games.

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Any notion where to go to buy?

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Oh I am SO glad you asked this question Mamasu. I got to play bowling Wii during our Christmas Holiday. My 12 yo neice beat the heck outta me, but I had fun!. I’m glad there are answers here too!
Now where can we get one?

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I bought mine in Best Buy.

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omg Wii Fit.. is fun, and I don’t mean fun for the kids, what is more fun is to have the older folks get up on it and do the hula hoop game and have all the kids laugh.

It’s so much fun, a son of a friend of my aunt.. lol, anyways he got a Wii Fit for his birthday when we were all at the beach, and it’s fun, although I kind of made him unhappy because I destroyed everyone’s score (naturally good I guess??) anyways, it’s worth having, even besides the games, the yoga and exercises.. I would love to take one down to school with me, i’d use it every day.

But yes, there was nothing more fun than watching my mother after a few glasses of wine try to play some games on it.

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This is looking more and more like something I need to get. The kids keep me too busy to go to the gym. I’m no couch potato but I do try to find fun ways to be active in lieu of regimented exercise.

Thanks everyone. : )

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Oh.. you can probably use it as a full regimen, Wii Fit is amazing.
First time you run it, you set up your profile, it will weigh you, and have you do some simple exercises. Next it will set up a plan for you, how much weight do you want to lose (or gain!), and how long of a time period, from a week, to however many years.
NOTE: when you get on it every day, it WILL show your weight, and this thing is ridiculous,it weighs you entirely, it even tracks 0.01 of a pound! The kid that got it, his friend and I laughed because over the three days he had gained 0.21 pounds so of course we made fun of him.

Anyways, it has stuff from balance games, to yoga, to sports-like exercises such as running and stepping (the stepping exercise stinks, I do not suggest it at all.. it’s the worst thing on the Wii Fit), and of course weight training.

Now.. while the weight training may make you stand on the Wii Fit, or use the Wii Controller, at first you’re like.. well this isn’t doing anything for me! Well.. give it time, and after stretching and all, you can start to use your own weights and soon you’ll find yourself learning new techniques you can do at home with weights, rather than going to the gym and paying fees.

Of course don’t get me wrong, this thing is by no means a bowflex, but given time you can keep yourself toned.

Also just to note, you’ve probably learned these exercises at one point, but there might be some you don’t know.

All of it is really fun, Nintendo has once again brought the whole family to gaming.
Hell, bring over some friends, have some drinks and play with it! That’s when it’s far more fun haha

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O so let me just get this straight XCNuse – should I try the Wii Fit with or without my wine.

I almost thought it said wineFit. LOL and Mr.M – soon as I finish typing, I’m going to call Best Buy. Thanks!

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Try it without wine the first time you get it, then that night try it with wine and some friends :)

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LOL ;-) great answer! XCNuse. I’ve just been shopping. Best Buy doesn’t have it in stock or online. but ToysRUs does have in online, but not in stock. So I managed to order the wii system from tRu. Amazon has the wii fit, but right now I refuse to order through Amazon, so I’m over at eBay and that’s lookin good – which is what I intend to do in a couple of weeks of WiiFit.

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some websites say that the Wii is a dead end and won’t have much progress, well.. I hate to tell those websites, but the Wii has been hard to get since the release, especially even harder.. after a year after the release, no other system has been like that.

But then again no other system aims for pre-teen kids and adults like the Wii does, other systems aim for in the middle, teens and young adults.

But yea it’s funny that you say that, my sister’s boyfriend has been trying to buy a Wii for them for a while now, actually it’s been about a year that he’s been trying to find one, and they finally got one just last week.

@Cat, I promise you, it’s lots of fun for everyone it’s so worth the buy.

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I’m so excited now. Hubby nailed it with this birthday gift. (thankfully not another stupid kitchen gadget or cleaning tool) I’m not worried about weight loss, but I want to feel healthier and have a fun way to reach that goal. I have my bowflex, but it’s in the basement and I only go down there to do laundry.
XCNuse, you’ve definitely sold me on the Wii Fit. They should hire you. Cat, get yours and we’ll play at the same time.

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mamasu I’ve lost two bids already and got waylaid b/c my son called. his car was just totalled and i’ve spent the last couple hours dealing with that. Thank God he wasn’t in the car. Some one just drove right into the side of it. :-( – what a pita. Luckily the lady did leave her info on his car.

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