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Is it common on other Q & A sites to simply give one or two word answers?

Asked by Kardamom (30068points) May 9th, 2017

I’ve noticed lately, now that we have some new members, for which I am happy, that a number of them tend to give very short, clipped answers, as if Fluther were an online survery asking about whether they prefer Coke or Pepsi.

I’ve only ever used Fluther as a Q & A site, and as some of you know, I was “recruited” from a cooking site, so I was already doing lots of writing when I came on to Fluther, and then I became a better writer because of Fluther (thanks to all of you, with a big shout out to Gail).

I’m just curious to know if some of the other (current or defunct) Q & A sites encourage one word answers. There’s nothing inherently wrong with one word answers with survey types of questions, but it seems odd (to me) because I’m so used to the discussions that go on here on Fluther. It seems odd, and not conducive to discussion to give one word answers to most of the Q’s we have on here.

What do you guys think? Have any of you come from other sites? If so, were the answers given more like one word answers, such as “Yes” or “Apples” or were they more like Fluther answers which would be more like, “Yes, but only if you knew he was cheating on you.” and “Apples and oranges, but I have also tasted tarts made with strawberries that were exceptional.”

I’m just curious, and I noticed the clipped answers more, very recently. Not that there’s anything wrong with that : )

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I have seen one new user writing the way you describe, and I was baffled by his one word answers. It’s almost like he’s a troll. It’s not a very meaningful contribution to the site or to the individual conversation if the person writes “yes” or “no” or “I wouldn’t mind” or any answers like that.

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Can’t really say, I came from Y!A and generally hung out in Religion and Spirituality. (I know, go figure, right?) At any rate, a lot of folks there can get pretty wordy although it’s usually more of a pissing contest between religionists and atheists than a Q&A forum. “If you don’t believe in Jaysus the Lard, you will go to hell and I hope you do”. / “If you cant accept the reality that there is NO god, then you’re an illiterate moron and unworthy of the air you breathe”. Ad Infinitum.

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@NomoreY_A I can’t imagine a question on Fluther like Do You Believe In God? Getting simply a yes or no question. Lol.

I wonder if anyone has asked that specific question on Fluther? Not gonna be me.

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@Kardamom Maybe so, but I certainly hope we could learn from it, as opposed to, screw you Athetit, no screw you Christard, no you, no you.
I kid you not, it’s pretty bad in there at times. And politics? Don’t go there.

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@NomoreY_A That sounds awful. I guess we are very lucky here at Fluther : )

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@Kardamom We are indeed, ma’am. I ain’t kidding about how bad Y!A is, at least in R&S. If I hadn’t found you guys, I’d as soon go sit down at the scrap yard, and watch cars rust.

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Yes…& no ;-}

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I have seen other Q&A sites and I have never seen any site that encourages one word answer before. Most sites I see have detailed informative answers, even to the most mundane questions like is Pepsi or Coke the best. Personally I don’t really appreciate one word answers. They don’t add much substance to the site. They feel like the responders only answer the questions because they have to.

I have seen a very recent user who jumped into several questions and did exactly the same thing you said. And just like I said I don’t really appreciate their answers. It looks as if they had a goal to answer a certain numbers of question in the fastest time possible and they were trying their best to meet the goal.

And I notice that some new members ask questions that are meant for one word answer too. Questions like “who is the best Batman or Superman”’ with no details look like some kind of survey than a Q&A question.

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I don’t know about other sites, but here, as in my writing generally, I keep it short and to-the-point. That’s how I was trained as an ad writer and it’s a style that has served me well for many decades.

I generally don’t like to read long, rambling questions or comments and suspect other jellies share my love for brevity.

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@Pachy: But your answers aren’t one word, either.

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I don’t like short answers, either. Sometimes I give them, but I try not to. It doesn’t contribute much or move the conversation.

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