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How do you know if it is true love and not hormoans?

Asked by nightshade (32points) August 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I really would like to know cause I hope that it is the real thing for me and my gf.
If I could just get point of view that would be awsome.

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If you both moan, it is true love.(hormones,awesome)

How old are you both?

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Ok then, seems like we have a bit of a problem here. If it was true love this would not be a question. You would know. But, then again, if you aren’t mature in your relationship you won’t know anyway… What I mean by mature in your relationship is you should be able to talk about anything… You aren’t wondering about what if’s in the relationship. It is just what is and where we are heading from here response… I worry that you don’t have that… True love is not a question, but an on going topic in your realationship. Maybe it will go that way, but don’t try to force it too, it won’t work like that.

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I’m 16 she is 17

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You don’t have to know if it is true love or not. Just have fun. You have lots of time to see if it develops into a lasting relationship (like you can see where you are in five or ten years).
If “hormoans” was intentional, that was quite cute.

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If it’s love, you’ll know it without question.

At your age, just have fun. Don’t worry about long term or labeling things. You’ll find lots of levels of love in your life. Embrace each one and enjoy it.

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16 and 17, you only need to worry about what makes you happy right now. You are much too young to think about the long term relationships right now. I used to think I knew what love was at that age, then I grew up and realized what love was really about. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

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There are a couple things that will help you know this:

*Time—time is always on your side. If it is hormones, it won’t last as long as love will. Give it a year to see.

*First BIG disagreement; how did you two handle it? Is this how you want these things handled? Or did you immediately want to leave the relationship. That’s not love.

*Distance: also will show you if it is hormones or love. Distance is to love as wind is to fier, it will enkindle love and extinguish hormones.

But with you already questioning if you can be faithful, I think you already know the answer.

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At 16–17 it’s all hormoans…..if you guys are still moaning in harmony (hope that’s not overstepping the appropriateness line) in a years time, it’s probably more than hormones…

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Enjoy it, grow from it, experience it.
Love is over rated.

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One could make the argument that love is hormones.

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