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Is the phrase "throw someone under the bus" insulting to bus drivers?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30545points) May 13th, 2017

Or for that matter, to the entire passenger motor carrier industry?

Why are buses deemed to be more reprehensible than trucks?

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Is the phrase ” Three sheets to the wind” insulting to sailboat sails, the entire sailing industry, an insult to Rowboats, Canoes, Yachts and barges? An insult to alcohol? haha

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It used to be beer trucks.

You really can’t be serious.

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Perhaps it’s insulting to railroad engineers by suggesting that trains are somehow less impactful vehicles of transportation than buses.

Honestly, I hope you’re joking, but the idea that every remark represents an implied comparison and that the loser in the comparison is entitled to take offense (and demand compensation) is an absurd notion that has infected our entire social order with a wasting disease.

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No. It’s just a play on words that doesn’t really have anything to do with busses or bus drivers. Besides, if someone was to be thrown under a bus, I doubt the driver could do it whilst driving said bus.

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I often lie under moving buses, just for the fun of it, and the expression doesn’t offend me at all.

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is being “tongue in cheek” on a question an insult to the roof of the mouth?

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^^Judge Judy would reply with a resounding “NO”—as long as nothing goes down futher than the roof of the mouth..

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I was thrown under the bus in High school several times In grade 10 – 12. So that the bus would stop for them sooner . The transit authority didn’t send enough busses and we rioted being treated as caged animals. I was smart enough to walk a block east and catch the bus sooner at an empty stop. I always got a seat then.

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Sayyyyyyy, that IS smart.

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No. I assume things not to be offensive rather than staying up at night trying to think of new things to call offensive.

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Sometimes farts are offensive, but sometimes they just smell like a lunch that is a little bad.

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@MollyMcGuire I was an offensive end and I think your offense toward offensive things is offensive. Fuck you and your hate speech. I’m feeling really exposed right now, so I’m leaving.

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If people start feeling offended over anything and everything it will be very difficult to have any conversation because you never know.

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With all this offense going on, shouldn’t someone take up for the poor bus driver? After all, it’s not her fault she ran over someone already under the bus!

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Really? You must have nothing much to do.

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You’re right! Or we have a lot to do but we’re procrastinating. Either one works.

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* sigh *

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I think it is ASSulting to the person thrown, but insulting only to the passengers. After all, the driver is doing her job. She never meant to hit anyone. She is being paid, even though there is a delay.
The passengers however, are insulted by the fact that the thrower was completely inconsiderate about inconveniencing THEIR day.

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Everyone must admit the guy under the bus was inconvenienced too!

Well, probably a bit more than inconvenienced, but still…

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It’s insulting to buses.

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Buses have no feelings.

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We don’t know that. Besides, it was a joke.

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@Patty_Melt Sometimes farts are offensive…

Speaking as an official old fart, I find that offensive!

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I said sometimes.

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I’m offended that everyone’s offended. Let’s all announce that we’re leaving and then leave.

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Good. Then I’ll have the place to myself!

…Now, about this bus… I think with a little work I could turn it into a nifty retreat. I’ll take the wheels off and remove the seats…. I’ll put in some mood lighting and some nice window treatments… Maybe plumb it for water and add a bathroom… Maybe some nice hardwood flooring… Yeah, it’ll work….

Now, Shoo! Go away! I’m busy!

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You should install shelving full length, both sides, just below window level. Then put aquariums end to end on the shelves. From the outside it will appear like the entire bus is a fish tank! Ha haaaa

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Aaack! That would be a nightmare!

As soon as hubby found out I was pregnant with twins he rushed out and bought a king size water bed. Later he bought a 250 gallon aquarium. An aquarium that size must have a huge water pump that pours out water like a babbling brook, and that’s what it sounds like. Then he put a lion fish in it- A poisonous lion fish and installed it at the foot of our water bed!! Night after night I woke up to the sound of running water, and I was certain the aquarium had broken and was pouring out water on the floor with a poisonous fish somewhere to step on.

Never again!

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Ack! I just made a snot bubble!
That’s a funny story. Cruel, but funny.

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The cruel part is that I actually signed off on this adventure, not realizing the impact it would have on my mental health…

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