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Would you share some of your favorite Fluther memories?

Asked by Soubresaut (13707points) May 14th, 2017

I thought a trip down memory lane might be nice, and I thought I’d invite along whoever wants to join. I know it’s not a new road—we’ve been down it several times over the years—but I thought we might be due for a new trip. A little glass of nostalgia here and there never hurt anyone, right? I’ve got the cork popped and the bottle set out to breathe.

If you could, an explanation about the memory(ies) to go along with the link would be nice, I think. Little appetizers before the main courses… And we could have ourselves quite a nice potluck here.

I’ve always enjoyed the threads that ask us flex our gelatinous and tentacled brains… Of course, I enjoy playing around with writing, so there’s that part of it… But I always wind up enjoying what others have written out more, especially since they’re always so witty, hilarious, touching, memorable, bizarre, apropos, etc. The “creative” thread that I’m sharing, though, isn’t a thread at all—it was a blog post that was put up a little over a year ago now. I don’t want to spoil it or give away the best parts, so I guess I’ll end this by saying that I rarely read anything that matches its level of accuracy/veracity, and that I love the way it gives us a vivid little window into the lives of our mods.

Okay, your turn. I’ve got the long table just a little farther down ready for us to set everything out. What have you brought to share?

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Ah! A shift from the recent heat.

I don’t know if you were around at that time, but there was one April Fool day in 2014 when Pi and the mod team decided to make a goofy category called “Jelly”. It was supposed to be a category where questions had to be as bizzare, horribly written, unbelievable as possible. Everyone had a lot of fun unleashing their inner demons for the whole world to see. And as you have already guessed, the category only stayed for one day and was taken down with all the crazy question, so no proof for it sorry :( I wish there was something similar to it though, where everyone just chill out and laugh with each other.

The day the chat notification was made visible was full of fun too. Everyday the chatroom had at least 2 people. At first I was one of the people who disagreed with the chatroom’s resurrection, but it soon turned out that I was one of the most active people there. A lot of things happened there, things that made you laugh or cry, philosophical discussions, a new Fluther entity… Sadly it was another great thing Fluther failed to preserved.

I had some good memory with some jellies too, especially my dear friend Adi. And I’m still having good memory with my current friends too.

That is to say, Fluther means a lot to me. There is argument now and again, but overall this site is still a great place. To this day it is still a special place on the internet to me. It all boils down to how we can avoid being too emotionally invested to an argument, look at the bigger picture and decide for ourselves whether to let go of the anger and move on.

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Jonesn4burgers: NERFHERDER!!!!!!! Said with affection

Regarding my faith:
ETpro: @snowberry OK, this is a test of your commitment. Believe that grizzly bears only eat peaches. Then go hand-feed a peach to a hungry grizzly.
snowberry: Done and done.…
Ow! My arm!
KaY_Jelly: In what context are we feeding grizzly bears peaches? NSFW or SFW? Is it Friday already??? I’m confused. :-M
snowberry: Oh, I’m strictly SFW. I’m fully clothed, and I hand feed ‘em to grizzlies every day of the week.
The grizzlies on the other hand, are never safe for work, or anywhere else, so now I have no arms. Hand feeding has become much more challenging of late.
KaY_Jelly: You have passed with flying colors and without bearing arms! =-O Amen!

Read the story of the DINOSAUR POOP ROCK
If there is no other reason to be a member of fluther, I have found it:

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These are wonderful!

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I’m remembering the great Jellies that have come and gone, either because they left (and maybe are back under other names but I’m the last to know) or have passed away. Two Jellies who come to mind are Gail, whose sharp retorts I didn’t always appreciate but whose wisdom I always marveled at, and Adirondack, whose gentle nature and attentiveness I’m sure everyone appreciated.

Jellies here I may never meet but I consider them friends for life. When I’m in the nursing home or they are, we’ll be thinking of each other still, I’m sure.

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Gail and Milo, too.

My friends here. I have some who have turned into valuable friends.

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New here, haven’t been around long enough to rack up any memories. I’m a fugitive from Y!A, think my user name kinda gives that away. Hence my occasional mud slinging rants about wing nuts and RepubliCONs. A bad habit from Y!A Politics that I’ll have to break. Or not…

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Stories. I think it’s great when a jelly gives us some background. I have a big streak of storyteller myself (if you haven’t figured it out by now). Due to first print, then digital mass media, the art of storytelling seems to be on the decline. Some of the threads on Fluther have tremendous stories; not only grammatically correct, but told in descriptive terms that let you visualize in your own mind the story the teller is relating. I won’t directly mention names (crow), or link to profiles (mimi), and if I were to make a list (hippy cowgirl), It would certainly be incomplete (burger babe). There are some tales from all over the world (several thundas from Down Unda). And many tales from the Heartland of the US (Kansas Kid).

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Jaaaaaaaaanet, oh JAAAAAAAAAnet!!! Where are you, love?
Leave the pool alone, sweetie. There is no one hiding today.

Thanks to a wonderful contribution from before I joined even the first time, we all have frizzers on our back porches or in our basements. She stopped by Fluther only the one time, that we know of, but her legacy lives on strong.
Let’s lift our glasses and toast that wonderful woman who gave us so much.

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Here’s to janets!

I love all these memories—of threads, and of the people who were here, too.

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I think my fave was this. We spent hours working on it. At the time I was on a self-imposed time-out. We did well.

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