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Would the Albanian communities living within that transferred Kosovo land accept the authority of Montenegro's government?

Asked by Brian_Ghilliotti (271points) May 14th, 2017 from iPhone

If the government of Kosovo is coaxed into accepting a land transfer to Montenegro, would the Albanian communities living in that transferred land accept the authority of Montenegro’s government?

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One of our jellies is Serbian. Maybe they will chime in. I’d be interested in their opinions on the subject.

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I personally think the Kosovar Albanian communities that will be affected by this forced land transfer to Montenegro will simply say “Hello EU and NATO, you can draw lines on maps all you want, but the facts on the ground reality is that we do not recognize Montenegro’s authority.” Then they could display a willingness to resist, and the EU-NATO will start to feel a little less welcome from the only group that really welcomes them in the southern regions of Former Yugoslavia, the Gheg Albanians. It will take on the aspects of a frozen conflict that is common in the former Soviet Union. This Kosovar land that is to be transferred to Montenegro must be very valuable land geographically and geo-strategically from an international smuggling stand point, and the loser who runs Montenegro now, who had made millions in black market transit taxes on illegal cigarettes alone, wants to control this area for these same interests; black market smuggling transit taxes. This is my guess. I guess the Kosovar Albanians will just say as the pioneer Texans said to the Mexicans “Come and get it.”

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